adobe photoshop CS3 Birthday tutorial

I want to share this video those who want to learn Adobe Photoshop. Hope u will like it.. ^_^

In this vid im showing you how to typ your text in a circel. More vids coming soon so dont forget to subscribe!

16 Responses to “adobe photoshop CS3 Birthday tutorial”

  1. Angel Flores says:

    hahaha… funny ka Mr. jake nag share ka pa .. next time wag ka nang mag
    tutorial … walang kwenta …?

  2. Franco Ortiz says:

    Great! next time sir slow nmn… supper hyper :)… God bless?

  3. Jah Lino says:

    eeeeeeh!!!! fast forward pa more… (-_-)?

  4. DIY Nize says:

    Yaa! Paano naman to. :3 Napakabilis. __
    Hindi naman to tutorial eh. Grabe!?

  5. Jerma Jamar says:

    Ambilis! XD?

  6. paquito laguitao says:

    Wag ka na mag toturial kung ganyan nmn kabilis..?

  7. Alvin Jem says:

    tang ina mong tutorial ka! gago! wala kang silbi!?

  8. Evanessa Lampayan says:

    wow!!… c flash po ba eto ang bilis =D?

  9. herman vargas says:

    oo nga gago ang gumawa nito porke mgaling tinawag pang tutorial pweh!!!
    delete mo na lang barok?

  10. cris ian villanueva says:

    pabilisan!!! hindi tutorial!!!?

  11. Yhukie Manugas says:

    Even though I tried to make it slow, the arrow is skip on skipping because
    it was very fast when uploaded. :3

    and the things is, I can no longer follow the steps. WTF! _”?

  12. jalipio71 says:

    You are selfish. ?

  13. JudasArgono says:

    Tutorial? u serious? It’s damn fast.?

  14. alvin fernandez says:

    Thanks sa idea?

  15. Ferdinand Lacson says:

    ay lintek na tutorial ito e mukhang ayaw ituro eh ang bilis kasi ?

  16. Animarac says:

    I know your so talented but what about others. It was too fast…. it is
    not a tutorial… it is like a fast forward movie…. 🙁 ?

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