Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Clone Stamp Tool

You can be a pro when it comes to using the tool stamp the copies in Photoshop, but have you tried to work with the healing brush?

Healing Brush tool is relatively new, and all the clone stamp tool is ideal in many cases the design, can not heal brush tool to add something new to your business.

Perhaps you are using a stamp tool copies, photography and many jobs, but there are times when the healing brush tool is the better option.

If you are working on this surface is textured, it may be difficult to hide the involvement of clone stamp tool. It’s just difficult to hide and what to use a sample using this tool is that you end up with. The final product is often not nearly as good as he had hoped.

We’ll see how the tools are working to do the job better. It is the work of promoting and cosmetics normal, the ones that you can meet in many cases.

First you will need to image the face with skin and freckles or dry. If you use the clone stamp, you can enjoy a patch of pale skin and spray on the stain. Skin grafting is somewhat sensitive, as in the area of ??skin that were sampled are not the same color as the area that was to be fixed.

The tool can be used to make the healing brush and function much better. If you are working on a slight error, and the healing brush work by sampling each pixel of the target and source pixels and Ancient Egypt Pyramids.

Then mixing all of the samples to produce a mixture much better. When you want to take a sample to use the cloning tool and make the [Alt] / [Option]-click. At first glance, one might have doubts.

When you start spraying, it may seem strange, but once you release the mouse button after the spraying some of the pixel samples, and you will see results. Should not be able to say that the image was published after the healing brush is more. To heal the more you can reduce the size of the brush, you will be able to work in other areas such as the red stain of the skin through the nose.

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