Adobe Muse – How to Horizontal Scroll

Adobe Muse - How to Horizontal Scroll

In this tutorial I cover how to set up a website in Adobe Muse to scroll horizontally, and at the same time, to be responsive so that it will adapt to screen…
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9 Responses to “Adobe Muse – How to Horizontal Scroll”

  1. Miljan Ristanovic says:

    Thanks a lot…you are my Sensei :)?

  2. Jensy Ferreiras says:

    you are a great teacher!?

  3. Cristian Casu says:

    Hi, Don’t you think that every singole page is gonna be empty in a high
    definition? I mean, the contents are perfect for normal screen but for high
    definition looks a bit empty but if I’m gonna put more contents in a normal
    definition it doesen’t works anymore whit orizontal scroll! How can I
    resolve it??

  4. Andres Angel says:

    Hi. Will anchors work on something like this??

  5. Jensy Ferreiras says:

    So you are saying that I need to design a separate page for the phone
    resolution? Because Muse brings the phone resolution option at start page.?

  6. carstenjazz says:

    Thanks for you video! Good job.
    I still got grey browser space although I set the squares to 1700. And it´s
    not responsive… Did every step like you…
    Do you have any idea??

  7. LUIS ORTIZ says:

    justo buscaba este tutorial… thanks?

  8. Darnell Charles says:

    Make more videos! you are brilliant! I mean it you are very good at this
    and your accent is amazing, what country is that from??

  9. Singleboy50s says:

    Thank you so much Alex?

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