Adobe InDesign Tips : Outlining Your Fonts in InDesign for Your EPS Output

Outlining your fonts in InDesign for your EPS output needs to be accomplished in a very specific way. Learn about outlining your fonts in InDesign for your E…
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The lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop will actually find edges to certain images on a photo and attach to them or can manually be drawn in to outline something o…

5 Responses to “Adobe InDesign Tips : Outlining Your Fonts in InDesign for Your EPS Output”

  1. cypeapplejuice says:

    DERP! EPS, hahahaha! It’s been 6 or 7 years since I last issued artwork in
    EPS! It’s 2012, not 1985! you didn’t explain that outlining turns the text
    from characters to paths, or that outlined text will no longer wrap, so you
    really shouldn’t fuck around with it after you outline And a real tip for
    all Graphic designers, you don’t individually select pieces of text, if
    your printer needs outlines then it’s safer to outline everything: [ CMD /
    CTRL ] A, [ CMD / CTRL ][ SHIFT ] O Done!

  2. BassDoh says:


  3. PartTimePhotography says:

    Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

  4. Dana Massuk says:

    What do you do once you’ve selected the shape?

  5. mahoganni2003 says:

    Could you elaborate more on the plus and minus signs?

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