Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Working With Layers

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Working With Layers VISIT US NOW – In this Graphic Design Video Tutorial you will learn how t…

19 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Working With Layers”

  1. Michael Sharp says:

    good teaching style. thanks. I will try and watch them all over time.

  2. Brandon Mcallen says:

    can someone help me bring two images together? i need help ASAP?

  3. Stephen Looney says:

    You are welcome…I hope you put it to good use!!

  4. Stephen Looney says:

    Really great to hear this helped you…..Layers are so powerful.
    Organization Equals Efficiency! Subscribe!!

  5. Spiralminds says:

    Thank you!!

  6. micah says:

    This is a great tutorial! The only question I have is how do you name your
    layers? i.e. background1 logo ect..?

  7. Bilal Raja says:

    how to duplicate layers????

  8. Stephen Looney says:

    You will get your answer at exactly 5:25 of the video. Let me know if that
    helps you out!!

  9. Stephen Looney says:

    Awesome Natalie!

  10. Harinalee Draman says:

    excellent really helpful!

  11. Todd Carroll says:

    I have a logo that I would like to put a background behind. When I add the
    background it won’t allow me to bring the logo “to the front”. Anyone have
    any ideas? Thx

  12. Stephen Looney says:

    Scott, glad to connect. If you’re new to this then I’ll be the first to
    tell you that it’s a whole new world with major opportunites. There are so
    many different niches you can take on in the Graphic Design field. What
    types of stuff are you looking to design?

  13. Stephen Looney says:

    You’re welcome from New York!!

  14. Lauren Hand says:

    Awesome, thank you fellow New Yawka!

  15. Natalie Ng says:

    Thanks man! cleared up some stuff that i didn’t know

  16. schetech says:

    Hey 🙂 just wanna know how to change the color of a layer or how to design
    an entire layer, which is gonna be used as background? Thanks a lot in
    advance 😉

  17. ayoitsmeeeh says:


  18. Stephen Looney says:

    Thank you again!

  19. MissLuckyirishlass says:

    excellent tutorial for beginners, you should make one for advanced 😀

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