Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Mountain/Travel/Explore Logo

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8 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Mountain/Travel/Explore Logo”

  1. thetoughones says:

    Moontayn. Excellent tutorial by the way. thanks. ?

  2. SergioWW1WW2 says:

    a brand logo in 11 minutes x_X, i have to spend a whole day to get
    something near this good xD Thank you for this!!!?

  3. Mg.Productions says:

    Really nice, i like the logo a lot?

  4. Isaac Hernandez says:

    Hey, great tutorials man, they’re really usefull for me, one more
    subscriber here . Just one question, where did you get that fonts?

    Keep working, your logos are awesome :)?

  5. nazim DZ says:

    gooooooooood tuto?

  6. Ruslanas N says:

    Hi, simple to the point, great job :)?

  7. Ahmed PJS says:

    Great job?

  8. Mihai Emilian says:

    0:48 . Without being hater, the gramatic sais “IT DOESN”T NEED TO BE
    PERFECT” instead of “IT DON”T ” 🙂 Have a good day, keep doing what you do!

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