Adobe Illustrator Tutorial | Linking Rings | Pathfinder Tips

A beginners look at a couple of pathfinder options. Achieve a “linked ring” effect with a few simple button presses.

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  1. Uday Satpute says:


  2. Billal Bappy says:


  3. andrew laverick says:

    spent ages googling to do this….should have known someone would havea
    video on here….Thanks alot so simple when you know how :)?

  4. Harpreet Randhawa says:

    fucker whats wrong with ur volume!?

  5. abouhane yassmine says:


  6. Reeceness says:

    Brilliant! Thanks!

  7. 2Dtutorials says:

    Sorry, Katie! I’ve been away from managing my channel for a few weeks. The
    rings are simply a center circle cut out of a larger circle. You can do
    this by laying one circle on top of another and then selecting PATHFINDER
    from your window menu. With both circles selected use the “divide” button
    in the pathfinder toolbox. Then simply delete the center circle with your
    direct selection tool.

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