Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – How To Trace an Image In Adobe Illustrator

In this video tutorial I show you How To Trace an Image In Adobe Illustrator. There are many different ways to trace an image within adobe illustrator BUT wi…
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11 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – How To Trace an Image In Adobe Illustrator”

  1. OwlsEyelash says:

    Thank you. I spent half a day trying to do this and was unsuccessful until
    I found your video. Many thanks.?

  2. OwlsEyelash says:

    I wish I knew how to change the colour of the brush!?

  3. Rona Clancy-Brewin says:

    Thank you for this excellent tutorial!?

  4. Dusty Porter says:

    Learn how to trace an image in Adobe Illustrator using the Blob Brush Tool!?

  5. dylan jinjiruki says:


  6. aedrah says:

    How did you make the beginning gold swipe effect for your logo?

  7. Matrixitookthe redpil says:

    i subscribe and i like your welcome! 😉 and i want to thank you for you
    upload! bye take care 😉

  8. Alok Ranjan says:

    As always, excellent!

  9. Mike MurdteR says:

    THANK YOU – THANK YOU, just saved me lots of time

  10. Chipbreak says:

    starts at 3:20

  11. Joel Amen says:

    like it

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