Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Make Multi-Tier Banners and Ribbons

A video tutorial going over how to make multi-tier banners in Adobe Illustrator. These are super easy to make once you know how, and I go over all the tips I…
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Hi, are you wondering how those super slow-motion videos all over the internet are made? Well it is very simple and I’m going to show you how! All you need i…
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22 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Make Multi-Tier Banners and Ribbons”

  1. Anas Khan says:

    Awesome! Im a y10 student and i love making my own graphics when working on
    school presentations.i love flat design and illustrator. Your tuts and the
    infinite skills course that i downloaded(free) are the best. Thx again?

  2. Algirdas Armonavicius says:

    Great stuff man 🙂 Helped me a lot :)?

  3. Brendan Lee says:

    Great tutorial, you have a good voice for explanations. ?

  4. j1gs4w93 says:


  5. Laura Kirkland says:

    Love it – thanks Matt!?

  6. Matt Borchert says:
  7. Valerie Salazar says:

    This has saved me TONS of time. Thank you!?

  8. GetEmCarl says:

    Great tutorial! Nice and concise?

  9. J SLEAZEHH says:

    you’re funny af?

  10. Tiryy says:

    The end of this tutorial scared me lol ?

  11. Jurgen773 YouTube says:

    OMG That end in voice like from Google translate?

  12. Juvenilepie says:

    love it?

  13. Lukas Tikka says:

    Why the British Siri??

  14. Abdullah Alsunaid says:

    motherfucker i knew that bitch!?

  15. Syd Gamer says:

    U scare me

  16. Mantisman says:

    This doesn’t work with very fast moving motion :(…

    All I am getting a a huge blur and a few frames even though the quality of
    the footage is great 1920×1080 @ 60FPS…but due to the action I am
    recording which in general at ANY speed (not recorded in High Speed) leaves
    it blurry…

    This only amplifies or worsens everything rather then does any slow motion
    effect xD….?

  17. Mylena Rivera says:


  18. BigBlueBunny Furry says:

    that duck?

  19. DrewsEdits :) says:

    The Duck gets me Evrey Time xD?

  20. abs shetty says:

    this is awesome i fucked u man thankz dude?

  21. Vincent Leverenz says:

    A quick way to get slow motion in After Effects without using Twixtor, very

  22. Eric Ludwig says:

    Good explanation. I just tried slow mo in after effects after watching
    this and I would just add that by default AE makes the clips speed 50%
    after applying the timewarp effect. If you want it to play at regular
    speed then slow down you must set a keyframe at the very beginning and set
    it to 100%. Another thing, if you are importing directly from Premiere (by
    right clicking on the clip in the timeline and selecting “replace with
    after effects composition”) AE will create a composition for you but you
    will need to add time to the composition duration (by going to composition
    settings) in order to have enough room to slow it down.?

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