Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Make Banners / Ribbons

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Make Banners / Ribbons

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23 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Make Banners / Ribbons”

  1. Minna K says:

    Thanks so much for this! 🙂 Easy to understand, helped me a lot. ?

  2. Laura MEGÍA CRUZ says:

    Thanks you, very much¡?

  3. HTUN LINN LATT says:

    Great tutorial. I have been thinking to download ribbon banner. Now I can
    make it by myself. Thanks?

  4. TayGamer e tutoriais says:

    nice tutorial, LIKE!!?

  5. crazy gaming says:

    will some one make a banner for me?

  6. mungothewombat says:

    Thanks Matt,
    Nice and clean without the bullshit.?

  7. abdelrahim daggage says:

    Very thanks?

  8. Jess Garten says:

    Thank you!?

  9. themilkteaman says:

    Thank you!!! :)?

  10. Mark Auto says:

    Shank you.?

  11. Zhi Ning says:

    thank you so much for this tutorial, it helped me so much ahhhh TY T.T?

  12. Navaid Syed says:
  13. SEspider says:

    Two things to point out.

    1) To edit the text, you must either ungroup ir toggle the effect off. It’s
    the only way to properly see your editing of the text.

    2) Once you Expand Appearance, the text becomes a shape and can not be
    edited outside of moving points. So be sure your text is correct before
    expanding. Also have a non-expanded copy of the group as a backup in case
    you want to change the text later.

    Great tutorial?

  14. DJICC (TV) says:


  15. Bluntt .Arts says:

    you sound like seananners?

  16. Angel Kr says:

    nice tut! thanks :)?

  17. Henrique Reis says:

    My square shapes only have 4 anchors point. What’s the problem? ?

  18. Jennifer Wozniak says:

    Thank you! ?

  19. alex porter says:

    very helpful for me. thanks!!?

  20. AHMED MUSTAFA Hashmi says:

    It’s helps me alot Thanks for this :)?

  21. Andre Kreativ says:

    I cant find the pluss sign on the left! So frustrating!!!!?

  22. Sarhatabaot says:

    Great Tutorial, I’v been lost in Illustrator for a long time now. This
    though helped me a lot.?

  23. Louise Morris says:

    This is awesome, thanks so much!! This is my first time using Illustrator
    and I picked it up no problems :)?

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