Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Colored Logo / Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Colored Logo / Graphic Design

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14 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Colored Logo / Graphic Design”

  1. idealmethod says:

    dude you need to talk us newbies through this. i can be pausing every 3
    seconds and minimising my screen back to illustrator. thx – good job on the
    design. ?

  2. az96001 says:

    haha screwed up the shadow part didn’t think that one through did u?

  3. Shameema Lewis says:

    The one you copying from does not match the new one you design in this vid
    there are a few steps missing but great tips here Thanks!?

  4. Bryan Luce says:

    This video definitely needs a voice track to go with it to explain how you
    are performing some of the Illustrator techniques. Thanks.?

  5. Javier Prieto Prytz says:

    I can’t do the step on the min 2:15.

    When I try to change the “path” and the “stroke” with the gradient colour.
    But when I do it with a single colour I can.

    Anyone knows why it happens??

  6. Shahzad Ahmed says:

    work is outstanding but i would be more interesting if there would be some
    lecture with this video.?

  7. Vladimir Puric says:

    This is 3 minutes drawing logo in Corel Draw?

  8. Outsourcing Worldwide says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing these cool inspiring logo designs. ?

  9. Ton? says:

    Thankyou so much for this!?

  10. Akshay Aradhya says:

    Thanks for this tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ I created a similiar logo ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the music?

  11. Bhupender Rawat says:

    Hello SIr,
    I am Bhupender from India. I want to Make this tutorial in Hindi Language.
    What is the procidure.


  12. ร–nder Kanal says:

    How many of this page width and height values ??

  13. Jatin Kothari says:

    Really…nice illustrator work…Like it…Thanks for uploading this

  14. CiaoLCiao says:

    Very cool tutorial, thank you! ?

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