Adobe Illustrator Gradient GOLD text, logo

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17 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Gradient GOLD text, logo”

  1. Pokazs Marcos says:

    esto se puede hacer en photoshop tambien??

  2. Makaveli Z says:

    great work man?

  3. asmisinghal says:

    thanku so much?

  4. meka Mosby says:

    thanks a lo bunch this helped me out to get paid lol?

  5. Pastor Lendore says:

    So pro!!!!?

  6. midoo Elalfy says:

    You Are Awesome man thanx pro?

  7. Brett Goggin says:

    Awesome video. Thanks.?

  8. Abou Salah says:

    You are the best keep going bro

  9. Julia Broome says:

    This video was awesome. I made the most beautiful gold looking piece! I am
    so impressed?

  10. Akash Gurung says:

    that was very useful. Thanks!?

  11. Kitty McKats says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step! This came out really nice.?

  12. Pedro José Rojas Mariño says:

    Gradient Gold?

  13. Hristo Hristov says:

    How is the song called? Such a nice piano tune.?

  14. manoj studios says:

    good tutorial and thanks …go gold ?

  15. Juan Garcia says:

    Buen trabajo y buena imaginación Gracias?

  16. Dennis Andréasson says:

    Thank you for the help, it really helped me.?

  17. Jeanne Forsythe says:

    Amazing! And easy to follow…thank you!?

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