Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 7 | Make a Leaf

You can download the AI File here: We make a cute little leaf in vector graphics 🙂 Just simple shapes, path finder, and gradients –…
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8.5x11 Tri Fold Brochure Setup In Adobe Illustrator

In this video, I will show you how to set up your tri fold brochure and then save it as a template for future use on other projects.
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32 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 7 | Make a Leaf”

  1. JREAM says:

    @ImaPwnYaAll hahaha its old school

  2. ariel atamosa says:

    i like the way you teach man, not boring at all, direct to the point,
    looking for this kind of tutorial, thank you… 🙂

  3. Jordan Fuge says:

    Perfect tutorial dude. Informative and funny. Good man

  4. joompiproductions says:

    Very useful, thank you for the tutorial, keep them coming.

  5. JREAM says:

    @TaiCheeze thanks 🙂 yay

  6. Vanja Juraga says:

    great tutorial

  7. best29861 says:

    can you give me the download link?

  8. webfreakism says:

    Awesome teacher. 🙂 Thanks a lot. 🙂 Keep it up, You’re the MAN!

  9. TheExileTubiee says:

    @JREAMdesign Thanks but too late 😀 i went to help and typed in
    ‘align/pathfinder’ and i got what i wanted 🙂 THANKS ANYWAY!! :DD

  10. Sara Ahmed says:

    I did it but I think I need more practice, Thank u 🙂

  11. Sarai Joseph says:

    “cute little leaf'” lol

  12. JREAM says:

    @pascualina90 Cant get one if my life depended on it hahaha

  13. JREAM says:

    @miissmelanie That hurt my feelings 🙁

  14. ImaPwnYaAll says:

    @skyyfi who writes cool with a k xD?

  15. ImaPwnYaAll says:

    @JREAMdesign i say kewl too but kool?

  16. JREAM says:

    @CDPGaming Cant please everyone haha

  17. Kalina Georgieva says:

    I love your Tutorials 🙂

  18. TheExileTubiee says:

    where is the intersect button? where do you get the box at your bottom left
    hand screen?

  19. JREAM says:

    @ImaPwnYaAll Back in my day we used to say “KewL”, now the internet lingo’s
    changed to these funny anime faces: XD @_@ -_-

  20. Ric Roc says:

    I believe your bleed was incorrect… Your words didn’t correspond with
    what was actually showing in your bleed settings. Also, I believe a
    standard bleed is 0.25, not .125, correct me if I’m wrong anyone.?

  21. GateCrasherVI says:

    Nice setup! The only thing that felt a little awkward was setting a trifold
    up for print by using pixels as the reference unit for measurement. Of
    course it can be pretty easily converted to inches / points. Thanks for the

  22. Michael Mota says:

    This tutorial was very informative! Thank you so much! Now, as far as
    design goes….how do we do that??????

  23. Al Bukharee says:

    thanks great video!?

  24. Sumit M says:

    Your this small basic tutorial is far more better then many indian teahers
    who r teaching here in many reputed institute for ex – MAAC. nyways thanks
    a lot.?

  25. Karita Tutwiler says:


  26. beefMERCIFUL says:

    thank you for that ?

  27. LLa Lee says:

    now I just need to learn how to print out on on my inject printer with min

  28. Intrilo Business Services says:

    Very useful..not a timekiller..Thanks Ray!!?

  29. michelle ,dudziak says:

    Thanks Ray! this was honestly the most well organized and paced tutorial
    ever! thank you!!! ?

  30. tahitianflower says:

    There’s only one problem with the way you are doing this. Professional
    templates don’t divide the trifold at exactly 1/3…the actually make the
    third flap a tiny little bit smaller than the first so when you fold it, it
    folds into an even document. For example:

  31. Sawah Hamer says:

    Brilliant tutorial, thank you so much! ?

  32. Ashwin Jose says:

    A comprehensive one !?

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