Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tutorial – How to change a logo using Live Trace

Tonight I am demonstrating how to take a (jpeg.,png.,gif.) file from the internet and change or manipulate it’s colors using AI’s Live Trace function.
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8 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tutorial – How to change a logo using Live Trace”

  1. mariano garcia says:

    Hi Zacareck
    Great video!, for far it’s on elf the best understandable tutorial
    illustrator logos. I work for first time in illustrator cs5 doing a logo
    and a wrap for a van and I am seeing videos to understand some process, I
    was king of on hour trying to do that by myself. Thank you and please post
    more basic illustrator videos.?

  2. D2DDesigns says:

    Hi, I am trying to learn Adobe Illustrator and I would really like for you
    to do a tutorial editing a logo template with all the compound paths in it!
    I have been trying to use logo templates for learning purposes but can’t
    seem to get it right because all the compound paths are so complicated!!!

  3. 1n0nlyJoe says:

    Thank you! The smallest details most tutorials overlook you solved! I owe

  4. zacateck says:

    You are welcome, just displaying a few things that I found difficult in the
    start. If you have questions, message me.

  5. Bernard Shaw says:

    Thanks for the video, it has been a help to me after being shoved into
    trying to learn AI. I have a request: I am needing to convert a JPEG image
    with multiple color gradients to Vector. I have no idea how to reinsert
    those gradient colors once I have used the Live Trace feature. HELP!?

  6. Robert van der merwe says:

    Such a small detail! hitting the gradient tool. major help. thanks!

  7. Anurag Sharma says:

    why not use the pathfinder for placing the star?

  8. zacateck says:

    Thanks for watching and leaving a comment. What is your main goal with Ai?
    If you are interested in creating logos and need help with a specific “how
    to” I can be of help to you. I just need more help or detail in what you
    are attempting to accomplish.

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