Adobe Illustrator // coffee logo

That’s a time lapse of a logo design. That video is not meant to be a tutorial, it’s rather for inspiration. 😉 Made in Adobe Illustrator CS5.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

En este tip les explico como utilizar la herramienta Objeto+Transformar+Escala para modificar tamaño de imágenes, vectores o letras sin afectar ni deformar.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator // coffee logo”

  1. Mark Aldrich Dela Santa says:

    What tool did you use to make the lines thick?, please i really need to

  2. Jessica Hallam says:

    Wow. Thanks. One question: what did you use to adjust the width of the
    stroke once you had made the lines using pen tool? I’ve never manually
    adjusted the stroke of a line and it seemed to taper the edges very nicely,
    turning your lines into shapes rather than strokes? Help? I think this is a
    big part of Illustrator that I’ve always missed.?

  3. DjClimamusic says:

    Very nice logo..congrat. :)?

  4. Asmera Starshow says:

    i like you Logo design but your music is creepy?

  5. oreburg says:

    Big help, but the problem is I can’t read German.?

  6. benzamin vietvo says:

    oh! awesome?

  7. Bella Wayne says:

    not meant to be a tutorial… but I’ve learned more than in some of the
    available tutorials. Thanks!?

  8. woo che says:

    what is language that illustrator?

  9. mahmod abdulsalam says:

    ????? ???

  10. Illustrator designs says:

    the resolution is 1080p. I guess your screen is too small. 😉

  11. mrbungler83 says:

    No, I got what you used afrer expand, you went Object/Path/Simlify. I
    thought it was something else.

  12. Ricardo Junior says:

    Muito bom!!!! Excelente!!!

  13. LoveSweetShae says:

    What tool is that? I have cs6 but am not sure what tool it was that you
    used to make the lines bolder. Please advise

  14. mrbungler83 says:

    I don’t know what have you used after width tool, I see that it’s under
    Object but I don’t have that in cs6, which randomises width??

  15. Iron Will says:

    I wish i knew how its done i am learning from you 🙂 but it seems you have
    to select it when you install the software thats the only legit one i know
    of. the other one is TPB :S hope this helps 😀

  16. Daniel Thomassin says:

    Merci beaucoup ;Super tutoriel !! Bonne journée; Dan

  17. Eric P says:

    Seen this type of logo before, but this guy works with gradients is amazing

  18. Illustrator designs says:

    it was just “simplify” to reduce the number of points

  19. Octavio Eyraud says:

    what is that fantastic tool you used to make the lines bolder and make the
    tips that way in the end? can i use that in CS3 ? :/ im lagging in app

  20. Illustrator designs says:

    Thanks for the try, but actually there is no option for changing the

  21. Illustrator designs says:

    2:05 width tool …

  22. Illustrator designs says:

    I guess you mean “Expand” or “Expand Appearance”. After width tool I just
    tranformed the stroke into a shape.

  23. Maury Alvarez says:

    Cafe de Colombia

  24. Rony Intriago says:

    muchas gracias, es lo que buscaba en estos momentos!?

  25. Mauricio Ramirez says:

    hola! cuando uso el illustrator no me salen esos cuadraditos
    o guías blancos para poder reducir la imagen manualmente! ayuda por favor?

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