Adobe Illustrator Brush Tutorial – Vector Smoke

This short and easy tutorial is to show you a technique to make a vector smoke brush using Adobe Illustrator.
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13 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Brush Tutorial – Vector Smoke”

  1. Sayde B says:

    awesome tutorial!?

  2. Ali Afshari says:

    Cool tip…thank you!!!?

  3. Michelle Guariguata says:

    This is awesome! thank you so much! I was always wondering about how
    designers did that hahaha?

  4. Alexandra Hsu says:

    Is it possible to make it in photoshop? ?

  5. wojtek Kaluza says:

    thx usefull staff?

  6. Borja Unsain de Zuloaga says:

    Adobe Illustrator Brush Tutorial – Vector Smoke Truquillos ?

  7. Valerie Michelle says:


  8. Bram Michaël Christiaens says:

    waw! thanx!?

  9. Kenneth Poveda Mata says:

    A short #iilustrator #tutorial I just finished making. #vector #brushes

  10. Mick Wright says:

    …..hmmm…gave me an idea about then blurring the brush and lowering
    transparency to get a more realistic look……?

  11. Distorted Designs says:

    Cool tutorial, thank you!?

  12. anchorart1 says:

    nice tutorial?

  13. Nancy Robinson says:

    Very informative. Thanks.?

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