Adobe Illustrator Basics: Pen Tool Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Pen Tool Tutorial

Subscribe: This tutorial is an introduction to the pen tool inside Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool is one of the most important…
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31 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator Basics: Pen Tool Tutorial”

  1. Robyn Walsh says:

    How do you change the thickness of the line itself??

  2. mpoxDE says:

    Awesome tutorial, very well explained and spoken, helped me a lot.
    Greetings from germany, keep on the great work.?

  3. tRiBuTeDeSiNeR says:

    Hey! I am trying to trace an image using a certain profile, but when I try
    to make a new line, the profile changes back to uniform. How do I fix this??

  4. der hochwohlgeborene says:

    awesome video!
    what version of adobe illustrator are you using??

  5. Vesna Starina says:

    Thanks for the video! You are really good at it. I searched just a basic
    video about this tool so I could learn about it and yours is really the
    best one.?

  6. Brocode Grammer says:

    my pen tool does not make individual points, when i click down it makes a
    point which is connect to a line that follows the cursor all over the place
    till that path is completed..pls someone help me set it back to individual

  7. Pakoro Fanblopo says:

    Hi i dont know if you’ll answer Matt Borchert but i have a question, you
    know when using the pen tool it does automatically a colored line so my
    question is : does it have an option with the pen tool that permit to not
    do line but do a SELECTION just like with the lasso tool i was using on
    photoshop thanks for answering me?

  8. ChanSittya Toung says:

    Hi Matt, great and easy to understand video there. 😀
    If i can suggest a tutorial for beginner, can you do one on manipulating
    Letter. I would like to know how to extend part of a letter and then curve

  9. TheVilhu says:

    Best, and most understandable pen tool video out there! Thanks Matt :)?

  10. Lacy Brown says:

    Good video!!?

  11. ceequizo says:

    Thanks Matt. I have a question; How do you create a bend/curve between two
    anchor points with a straight line? Thanks?

  12. tatianaac93 says:

    Thank you so much! This helped me a lot! 🙂 Now, you have one more
    subscriber. ?

  13. Stop Motion Madness says:

    Great video! Perfect speed and very informative!?

  14. Mark Greyvenstein says:

    Hey Matt. Awesome channel. And thanks for taking the time to create these
    gr8 tutorials. Any chance you might have an idea what would cause jagged
    edges on an object that has a shape like the nike logo in this vid?

    Trying to assist a friend with a logo, which uses a similar curved lines.
    And at 100% some are jagged, yet when zoomed in they’re not.?

  15. Jaredish says:

    Very helpful!?

  16. 2late2stop says:

    Thanks for the examples, very helpful.?

  17. Casey says:

    for some reason after i make a shape with the pen tool, I can’t readjust
    the anchor arms with the direct selection tool. When i click on the anchor
    point the anchor arms don’t show up… why is that??

  18. Albert Ott says:

    You’ve got a good voice for this stuff. Keep it up.?

  19. Martin Kell says:

    Can you taper the line you’ve drawn with the pen tool??

  20. Matt Borchert says:
  21. Donnell lacy says:

    How do I change the color of the trailer line and NOT THE STROKE so that I
    can distinguish between colors of the background object being traced and
    the tracer line.?

  22. Az Linz says:

    ~Awesome!! Simple and straight forward!! ?

  23. dagubi says:

    My new tutorial “Inking and Coloring Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator” is now

  24. Wulfgramm Street Fashion says:

    bitte. gern geschehen. deutsch toll!

    weshalb kann ich einige pinselstriche radieren und einige nicht? habe auch
    ein intuostablet. aber wenn ich den eraser benutze kriege ich zur zeit
    striche… also mehr kringel.

  25. Raisul Islam says:

    Hi dear Dagubi, I am impressed to see your tutorial. Thousand like for you.?

  26. dagubi says:

    Now I present you my new website Come and take a look and get
    FREE stuff from our tutorials for download and MORE…?

  27. Cheryl Vargas says:

    much better tutorial than other one on same subject. it would have been
    helpful to tell WHY you were doing layer masks. That part didn’t make
    sense to me. Can I accomplish the same results without doing a layer mask??

  28. MrJBLAZE93 says:

    How did you make your layer’s do that? Like when I have my layers locked
    and my layer with the new color on in it it still overlaps my other
    layer’s. .new to illustrater btw?

  29. Red Room Pictures says:

    gute und nützliche Tutorials. schreibe mal in deutsch! nehme an, dass du
    das auch verstehst. danke für alles?

  30. Ondraasha says:

    Wow, Andrew, you are so talented. Thank you very much for this video.?

  31. Carmen B says:

    Stai usando una tavoletta grafica giusto? ?

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