Adobe After Effects Explosion Visual Effects 101 – How To Blow Stuff Up

Learn how to create awesome Explosion Effects for your video projects in Adobe After Effects! It only takes a few additional steps to go from ‘stock footage …

In this video, I will teach you how to create a stop-motion video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, what are the basic sequence settings and which framerate should …
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41 Responses to “Adobe After Effects Explosion Visual Effects 101 – How To Blow Stuff Up”

  1. Schmang! says:

    This was awesome! Keep up the good work and thanks for helping all of us
    YouTubers out. ?

  2. After Effects Tutorials in hindi says:

    Nice Tutorial ?

  3. ahmed rahiq says:


  4. BrokenAdmin says:

    this is very cool?

  5. jfcg2002 says:

    brilliant tutorial… Thanks, it was a great help…. funny too…lol?

  6. Mark Hompe says:

    verry nice tutorial :)?

  7. So They Can says:

    i need an explosion how do i get it?

  8. Richard Kim says:

    Time to become Michael Bay.?

  9. Voriks Forge says:

    I keep having this problem.

    Every time I open up my stock footage it has a black background. I am able
    to remove the black background easily with a trick I learned, HOWEVER it
    will not appear on the rest of the footage. PLEASE HELP!!!!?

  10. MrFriendVideos says:

    I need some help, i want my explosion to be behind a tree, and when i mask
    out the area and do subtract mode, the explosions itself dissapears, what
    should i do??

  11. Jason Kinsley says:

    Dude you’re an after effects Guru, subscribed XD?

  12. Jamey Lee says:

    this is really awesome, i like it a lot and will be trying the effect out.
    thanks ?

  13. Haden F. says:

    I just found this channel about 15-20 minutes ago, already hooked. :D?

  14. Robert Locke says:

    I love this channel. thanks. ?

  15. Drew Wilbur says:

    question: in the previous version of this tutorial u mentioned a few way to
    get rid of the black background of a stock footage element in AE. This
    might not make sense, but there was one way you did it by dragging a slider
    down somewhere and as u dragged the slider down the black slowly decreased
    and decreased till all u had was the explosion with very little black
    around the edges. Does anyone know what Im talking about or how to do that?
    i know the other way like setting the layer mode to add or screen etc. I
    just need to know where the slider is that allows you to drag the black out
    basically if that makes sense. Thanks.?

  16. Lego Stax says:

    Thank you for putting the free transparent stock footage link in the
    description! I’ve been looking for explosions for a while and I didn’t
    want to get a virus on my PC.?

  17. Jacob Bui says:

    For some reason when i put my pictures in and look at them it zooms in like
    100% so i cant see my soldier going where he needs to go. Can you tell me
    how to fix this??

  18. Spades48 says:

    “Stop motion is usually in 18 fps”
    What. The standard has always been 24 for animation.?

  19. BLOODFACE1000ify says:

    Thank you this really helped?

  20. Peasant Sleeves says:

    Thanks a lot! This really helped me help my dad with his presentation!?

  21. gerald john fernandez says:

    how can you do a reverse order of the assets? (pictures)?

  22. Zachary Savage says:


  23. Pitsipitsi Blum says:

    Nice video; pretty helpful but how can I export the stop-motion after I
    create it !??

  24. Bafisme says:

    great video!! the only problem is when i preview the movie, it only plays a
    few a few miliseconds at a time.. do you know why? or how to fix it? i
    think it plays normally when its exported, but its annoying when im trying
    to edit it.?

  25. Axelle Imbrechts says:

    I would be screwed if your video didn’t exist! thanks a lot!!?

  26. Adam Hulbert says:

    Just a small correction. A second has 1000 milliseconds not 60. Although it
    is a valid point to work in 60 FPS if you are already thinking minutes and
    hours are broken into equal parts of 60. ?

  27. LuPouBaby says:

    Great video this really helped me to speed up my workflow, Thank you !?

  28. leo jilka says:

    thank you?

  29. Nicson Flores says:

    Thanks Man it helped a lot!!?

  30. Captain Gibus says:

    How do I zoom in on the timeline?

  31. Michael Lacroix says:

    Simple and easy, thanks a lot !

  32. Captain Gibus says:


  33. 8K8 says:

    At the very edges of the “scroll sideways” bar you can resize the
    bar/timeline… hope that helps

  34. MrCarzonekit says:


  35. Tsarevna303 says:

    To have no distortion: Use irfanview to batch-rename your image sequence.
    (Select-all images and do image_#### option.) Open PP CS6, new project, but
    *do not* create a new sequence, *cancel* on that pop-up. In your new
    project, import images, and r-click on sequence, modify > 15fps etc, close.
    R-click again, “new sequence from clip.” When you go to Export> media,
    click “Match Sequence Settings” at the top, and you will have no
    distortion. 🙂

  36. Angelo Est says:

    Thanks brother. Really helped me out!

  37. StateAlchemistAdam says:

    lol much less complicated than the first answer

  38. StateAlchemistAdam says:

    thanks this worked! but when i upladed mah pictures i had to resize every
    frame to fit the box how can i fix this???!!!

  39. says:

    There are several ways how to do that – First and the most laborious is to
    change image size via Infanview/photoshop/the other raster software, it can
    do it autmatically.. Second – just set up the composition settings like the
    image size is, it might work too, but if you need just the other settings
    Its useless.. As the third is there a way to do it via After effects, it
    can connect all the frames to a composition/single object with which you
    can move and scale it as you want… hope it helped

  40. Joseph Quillen says:

    Select the image/s in the sequence and right click. Select “scale to frame
    size.” It seems I am a bit late with this, but maybe it can help any future

  41. OkachoobeFilms says:

    I follow every step in this video and it does not work at all. I create the
    sequence, same settings you did, and it doesn’t show all the marks. Then I
    edit the speed/duration of it, and when I make it 00:00:00:03 it makes it
    00:00:01:20. Please help and answer as soon as possible.

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