Adobe After Effects CS5/CS6 – Save(Export) Video [Tutorial]

Video tutorial showing step by step how to save(export) a video file from Adobe After Effects CS 5.5.

In this How to Chroma Key in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial, Kyle from shows us the ins- and outs- of using the Ultra Key tool, to easily …
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38 Responses to “Adobe After Effects CS5/CS6 – Save(Export) Video [Tutorial]”

  1. marioKID99 says:

    Hey! So I have QuickTime 7 installed but the QuickTime format does not
    appear in the format menu! I am using AE CC. Please help?

  2. Aron Baloaloa says:

    It says In order to render, you must set a destination of your output
    please help!?

  3. nenetome says:

    to whoever doesn’t have the h.264 option go to
    Preferences > output > check the option that says ” show deprecated formats
    in output module settings” and press Ok
    When you have to choose your format, you will find it in the list?

  4. gian miraflor says:

    HEY!! Thank you so much!!! appreciate it?

  5. Diego Hernandez says:

    Thank you!?

  6. IsmiStudios says:

    I don’t have H.264 format.Please help?

  7. Rolando Bijasa says:

    it is very helpful to a newbie like me :)?

  8. sawthicsar says:

    thanks for teaching?

  9. Hillyhab says:

    Ok I didn’t have the “Make Movie…” option, so I had a little trouble
    until I figured out that is was possible to do it with only holding
    “Ctrl+M” (saw it on your video), so yeah… Just in case if anyone else
    have the same problem?

  10. Hybrid Status says:

    sony vegas is simpler lol but this program is great for 3d effects?

  11. Mr.Nonchicken says:

    help i don’t have h.264 as an option?

  12. Arjun Aggarwal says:

    i dont have that?

  13. AcTs Jinx says:

    Thanks, very helpful! :)?

  14. Marloes van Antwerpen says:

    Thank you so much for this video! It really helped me! :D?

  15. iSpicyChickenxx says:

    Its good and all but you need to do an updated version for 2014?

  16. Abbas Mo says:

    I do not have the h264 i mean?

  17. MontieHD says:

    Thanks Man! Really Helped! :D?

  18. ? ? ?_? ?? By Dynamo says:

    But the problem is that I don’t have the H264 format showing up?

  19. GoatAss98 says:

    Amazing tutorial! Subscribed!?

  20. Liddell Corporations says:

    Thanks boss!?

  21. amirpiloo says:

    thank you :)?

  22. Rangith Uthayakumaran says:

    Thanks Dude?

  23. Induran Industries says:

    Brilliant Thank you.?

  24. GAPersonalTraining says:

    why does every premiere tutorial begin at sequence setting.. cant you just
    prepare that for the video and start when you actually apply the effect ? ?

  25. Reggmail . says:

    Nice, thanks for the info. Peace & blessings.?

  26. ReverendDoGood says:

    @SoftwareMedia It Says Adobe On Locatopn CS5.1 (Trial). I Wanted To Try It
    Before I Bought It.

  27. says:

    @ReverendDoGood Are you using Premiere PRO or Premiere ELEMENTS? Pro is -as
    the name suggests- a professional video editing program for
    hollywood-quality video post-production. Elements is more of an end-user
    application along the lines of Corel Video Studio, or a beefed up iMovie.

  28. says:

    Sorry you got bad results with your chromakeying. The quality of your key
    isn’t dependent solely on the software. The key-lighting, backlighting,
    video format, and color compression of your camera will all have an effect
    on your key. What sort of camera did you shoot with that got such bad
    results? What was your color space? Resolution? You’re naturally going to
    get a better key with an HD video shot in 4:2:2 than one on a miniDV tape
    at 480p, 4:0:0 compression.

  29. HardwareJunky Joe says:

    just wanted to say thanks for this video it helped me out.

  30. thatslifeee says:

    really though thanks man!!!

  31. Rohan Gogate says:

    thanks a ton 😀 😀

  32. ReverendDoGood says:

    This Is Cool, But My Software Doesn’t Look Like That. Can You Help Me

  33. skyoctane says:

    Hi Kyle, there’s a lot of people that are super stoked with what you’ve
    shared. This has been so valuable to me and I just want to say what
    everyone has said. Thanks heaps! You are awesome.

  34. evilken90 says:

    you if youre a chick i would kiss you right now

  35. crazyworld1993 says:

    thnk u it helped me a lot

  36. Mubariz Khan says:

    Thanks man you taught me this better. Having final exam tomorrow do pray 😉

  37. Lemon5eed says:

    that was cool what version of adobe premiere pro was this

  38. warhawknikon says:

    YOU’RE AWESOME!! You just taught me how to FISH!

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