Add Text in Photoshop CS3

See a higher quality video on TechTutor.TV! You can add text to your Adobe Photoshop CS3 image by using the text tool. In this video tutorial, you will learn…
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15 Responses to “Add Text in Photoshop CS3”

  1. mahmoud ahmed says:

    when u text and see u write straight line change color to black or white if
    background white change to black if background black chang eto whight?

  2. XAXAwitch1 says:

    @TheUnknownCoDgaming oh thank you. 🙂

  3. wizard101fan12234 says:

    when i text all i see is a straight line???? i am confused

  4. N?ck Kapanadze says:

    I think text is not available in portable version

  5. hs7183 says:

    the most stupid software i have ever seen

  6. XAXAwitch1 says:

    @TheUnknownCoDgaming oh I have the exact same problem with the writing
    stuff of this program! did you find a solution?? please let me know if you

  7. spawnninja64123 says:

    whenever i text the words don’t come out.

  8. imascab says:


  9. TheUnknownCoDgaming says:

    PLS reply,every time i try to write something an error window pops up and
    says could not complete your request because there is something preventing
    the text engine from being initialized.pls help me

  10. Kujo Kasuza says:

    Hey! What happen? I set my word 30 pt but it won’t come! Alas, what happen
    with my motherfucker Photoshop??!!

  11. numberpink1 says:

    Thanxx alot ;p but when i put the size as 72pts its REALLY small i cant
    even read it ?? what can i do to fix it

  12. narutebayo says:

    awesome video plus nice voice 5 stars

  13. ValenDuD says:

    so true

  14. grunkurs says:

    @spawnninja64123 drag the layer to the top layer!

  15. Naris Pillai says:

    For me,my computer will hang.I need to restart it to do again.

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