Academy of Creative Education – Summer 2014 – Video Art Reel

Featuring works from Cherry Sanchez, Amai Wayans, Madison Corletto, Finnian Payne, Sophie Reynolds and Zoe Brin. Nacho Party FOREVER!!
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Florence, Italy: Renaissance Art and Architecture

More info about travel to Florence: In this video, we’ll travel to Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance ar…

6 Responses to “Academy of Creative Education – Summer 2014 – Video Art Reel”

  1. TheUbereem says:

    too much nudity shown here..?

  2. ingrid says:

    SOOOOO beautiful Rick. Marry me. We can travel the world together!!!?

  3. dlwatib says:

    After the fall of Rome Europe wallowed in centuries of relative darkness?
    You need to revise your thinking on Medieval art and architecture and
    culture, Steve. It wasn’t “wallowing in darkness” at all! It was
    assimilating both Christianity and the barbarian cultures into the remains
    of pagan Roman culture. “Wallowing in centuries of darkness” is pure
    propaganda. Don’t you hear the tinny ring of the lie when you say it??

  4. ingrid says:

    Tres Belle Rick!?

  5. Danai Moraiti says:

    Excellent!! Thumbs up! 10?

  6. Mzrati says:

    Rick, always an excellent job. Firenze (Florence) is one of my favorite
    cities in the world!?

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