A SHADOW OF BLUE (full shortfilm)

A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freed…

Oh. There goes the sun. Detective: http://www.youtube.com/danieljlayton Written, directed, edited, uploaded, performed by Dean’s friend. This is completely i…

37 Responses to “A SHADOW OF BLUE (full shortfilm)”

  1. Abigail Hillier says:

    It’s amazing the story is really moving!!!!!?

  2. Adda Soto says:

    que bonita sombra…como yo!!!!?

  3. karla alicea says:

    Its beutiful?

  4. Lola Ritter says:

    I watched this at the little big shots flim festival this year?

  5. Shubham Chavan says:

    its amazing
    there is any making video?

  6. Hüseyin Arjen Do?an says:
  7. Nicole M says:

    munich ;)?

  8. N ally says:

    good work …thx?

  9. khadija daoudi says:


  10. Jared Brodersen, The Antiquated Poet says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I love it.?

  11. Maya Vasileva says:

    A SHADOW OF BLUE (full shortfilm)!?

  12. Caroline BD says:
  13. Bailey Gronn says:


  14. ??????? ???????? says:


  15. Candi Martinez says:

    Sweet, beautiful, love it

  16. destine child says:

    A Shadow of Blue (2011) at icefilms.co.nr

  17. mikecat23 says:

    A Shadow of Blue” has been selected for the “Jana International Film
    Festival For Children & Youth 2013” that will be held on October 2013 from
    22nd to 30th, in Beirut – Lebanon

  18. GprincessZs says:

    never stop believing. 🙂

  19. ThatGirlOnYoutube says:

    Brilliant, i wasnt expecting the sleepwalking ending but i liked how insane
    the detective was :P?

  20. Lucy Challender says:

    I heard Elbow at the end and just smiled, amazing band! Awesome video to go
    with it as well! ?????

  21. Samingo says:

    Well….that was better than most films nowadays! Well done lads! What an
    entertaining short!?

  22. Bethanny Swadling says:

    It won’t let me watch the movie nooooooooo fix it now!?

  23. Ciara King says:

    Are you allowed to use the Sherlock music? ?

  24. Lincoln School of Film & Media says:

    might get a spike in hits :)?

  25. Tamara Foreigner says:

    did you consider making a sequel? I can think of a million funny situations
    a sleepwalking person could get themselves into. like+fun+that detective is

  26. katie dunham says:

    how can you see the moon, if the sun’s gone, when the moon is only seen
    because of reflections of light from the sun??

  27. Sheep Queen says:

    I most literally had not expected this to be as funny as it was. Oh my

  28. Anastasia Stonestreet says:

    It’s says it is block in my country due to copyright grounds ! I live in
    England ! So does jack ! What’s that about ?

  29. saramgeorge says:

    how the helll did you get the Sherlock soundtrack??

  30. LuBethy says:

    Really like this x?

  31. Madzia Matusiak says:

    I didn’t understand everything:)?

  32. selmelirocks says:

    Loved it!!! I was genuinly confused about the sun.. where could it have
    gone? Oh its night time… makes sense.?

  33. littlekittym says:

    sun seeds :’)?

  34. NotJustBlonde says:

    how did you get the sherlock soundtrack what???

  35. Subtle Gaming says:

    I can’t watch it?

  36. Anna Rodgers says:

    :~) liked that. Weird concept- had me laughing in some parts though.?

  37. Chloé Marie says:

    absolutely amazing! ?

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