A Hopeless Romantic – Short Film

A Hopeless Romantic - Short Film

A boy falls in love with an older girl and attempts to get her to notice him. This was shot in August of 2008 with a Canon XL2 Camera and edited on Avid Xpre…

23 Responses to “A Hopeless Romantic – Short Film”

  1. Bella LPS says:

    Sometimes it sucks to be a Hopeless Romantic, well at least it does for me

  2. Michael Shin Das says:

    Hopeless Romantic – by TLCook57?

  3. Brynn mo says:

    That was adorable:)?

  4. geelin emevas21 says:

    i think its cute..?

  5. meab12 says:

    He reminds me of Michael from that 70s show

  6. skittleslaura says:

    “me getting hit by a car was God’s way of saying ‘just be patient'” Now
    that’s a sick way to interpret things

  7. jskillz909 says:

    really? u must be deaf

  8. TLCook57 says:

    @TheProjectMJ They got taken down do to copyright 🙁

  9. hexguzman says:

    the vioce over on the film sounds like he is reading the lines from the
    script as he is recording. doesn’t sound believable lol

  10. pepsimanlf says:

    First: at 4:23 there Harry Potter! Second: awesome short! I loved it! But
    seriously I hope that you dressed up as HP for the Hallows!

  11. Guus Schuijl says:

    very well done! The idea of directing is very good. It is original, funny
    and nice to look at. Keep on going!

  12. Annie Lifsted says:


  13. meab12 says:

    @skittleslaura Sorry, I meant Eric. Hes nothing like Kelso ha ha. The way
    he looks and his nerdyness remind me of Eric a lot 🙂

  14. Daphne Escalante says:

    How sexist!

  15. nFnBjR says:

    that was actually really good! i would’ve prefered a little less voice over
    and shown his conflict instead, but it seemed you wanted to go for that
    effect. very nice

  16. ktokaybabe says:

    Thank you for making my day 🙂

  17. amazingviolin says:

    It was nice

  18. xl13lx says:

    i cam across this video at the perfect time, and it really helped me with
    one of my issues keep up the amazing work

  19. Bhai chacha says:

    cant see in my life boring unlogic ,no apply rule of thirds

  20. tequila251 says:

    this is nice. especially the last part be patient. me?im waitng for the
    moment and the guy even if he’ll arrive when im 60.

  21. jestinelapid says:

    Haha. The guy’s so cute. Good film, anyways. :-bd

  22. allahmalik2010 says:

    😀 loved it 😀

  23. 8wild8creature8 says:

    thank you for the great film! it made my day!

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