A HISTORY OF MODERN ART – Art/Artist/Discovery (documentary)

a history of modern art (documentary). thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature geographic eart…
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It’s that time of year for Easter Eggs and we have a great twist for dying eggs that is sure to please your friends and family… just don’t be hiding these …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “A HISTORY OF MODERN ART – Art/Artist/Discovery (documentary)”

  1. Eddie Berkoski says:

    the narrator is a total satanist?

  2. Cinnamon Sticks says:

    this is something great to sit back and watch on say a early satuday with
    crossiant and coffee. painters rained supreme.?

  3. smythe d. says:

    Did I just watch this entire thing and see Mark Rothko get basically
    snubbed? Unbelievable. I mean. I know the history books are Eurocentric but
    this was pretty absurd. Orson half drunk is worth it though. Nice to see
    these artists actually alive and in their studios. Too bad Pop art was at
    the forefront of the scene at the time and got such a big segment. Louise
    Nevelson was the best part. Klee got snubbed too. ?

  4. oblong says:

    …..SOLD to the RICHEST BITCH OUR THERE! Maybe our damn country deserves
    to self destruct; worthless pigs?

  5. tolgreen says:

    …watching now…?

  6. SubliminalOrigami says:

    Classical art makes people swoon – it is supposed to comfort and inspire
    the audience. The Icons were to allow access to the Divine… to know
    Heaven on Earth (in concept at least).
    …as this show says, ‘Modern art is supposed to be a slap in the face. It
    is always accompanied by aggression.’ – in other words, its supposed to
    wound or shock the audience.
    So if Modern Art is about freedom – why do these artists want to abuse
    their audience, why not chose to comfort and inspire?
    If the scholar was right, then Modern Art has an ugly idea of humanity.?

  7. Esteban Simich says:

    in Painting develop by Esteban Simich. ?

  8. lolglitchmaster UHC says:

    I only did that once, in kindergarten, but my teacher dropped my egg?

  9. savannah crosby says:

    defenetly doing that this year?

  10. limpingoatfarm says:

    those would make really awesome pickled eggs, picture them in a mason jar?

  11. Giovanna Sukar says:

    your AWESOME but that vid had to much buts :O?

  12. Chelsea kimenyi says:

    the green one looks like my wrists?

  13. Paola Lechuga says:

    I Love this video, but please don’t waste water like this!!! we must take
    care the most important thing in this world!! thank u :3?

  14. Melissa Esmore says:

    Boiled eggs ewww
    In Australia we use chocolate eggs
    MUCH better ?

  15. mugglesarecooltoo says:

    If you don’t want to use dye (and eat those chemicals) you can cook the
    eggs with red onion peel wrapped around them, secured with rubber bands. It
    gives a beautiful red-brownish colour.?

  16. Amelia Stefanova says:

    How would we knock egg with egg if they are already broken :S (Maybe we do
    it only in my country).?

  17. Kostis 780 says:

    Dont try it is like u are eating color with eggs :-(?

  18. TheCr4zyCritic says:

    Would it be possible to do this with chocolate eggs? I know there’s like a
    2% chance! but I wanna know!?

  19. EngAhmedBombo says:

    la2 e7na benaklo 7adretak?

  20. keeley martin says:

    thats so freaking cool!?

  21. kayAEye123 says:

    this sucks i thought it had the cracking look on the shell.?

  22. Eleonora Smith says:

    Hah. It’s pretty, but in my country we have “egg fights”(you choose an egg
    and try to crack the other person’s egg to see who wins) on Easter, so
    cracked eggs won’t do.?

  23. val argent says:

    It’s a cool idea but normally when we color hard boiled eggs its to make
    designs before we race them. So cool idea but kinda ruins the original

  24. That Random Furry Over There says:

    lol they look like bul testicles?

  25. ????? ???????? says:

    Good !!!!?

  26. kiara yamio says:


  27. Peebles Pebbles says:

    these are not dyed chicken eggs, they’re freaking dragon eggs :P?

  28. Morgan Hendryx says:

    Dude your awesome ?

  29. sunnybunny7 says:

    awesome!! 🙂 cool?

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