5 Seconds Of Summer – Amnesia

Here’s the official video for Amnesia ! You can get it here if you want: iTunes: http://po.st/6ljOPc Webstore: http://po.st/DBKOzp Our album is also out NOW …

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29 Responses to “5 Seconds Of Summer – Amnesia”

  1. Luis Gabriel says:

    First of all, this isn’t a boy band. This is a rock band. ?

  2. Torpae says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying they aren’t talented because they
    are. I’m not a crazed fan like 90% of teenage white girls but I do admit
    that their music is pretty good. You don’t have to support a group to know
    they’re talented, don’t just shamelessly insult people like that.?

  3. The Magic Potato says:

    Okay, ladies and gents, I’m going to state my opinion. It is not meant to
    offend anyone. Thank you.

    I’m not a huge fan of these boys. I’m not. And I won’t apologize for it.
    But, before you go typing me threats, read the rest of this.
    They are not bad. Not at all. I really have nothing negative to say about
    these boys. They sing well, they play well, and they are, honestly, good

    I don’t mind listening to their music, I feel the same about One Direction.
    I don’t go gaga over these boys. I’m not going to say anything bad about
    them, because what is there to say? Yes, I do like their songs. Not enough
    to wear their lyrics on a shirt or sing along with all my heart, but I like
    them enough to appreciate them.

    I’m a teenage girl. I do not love these bands and boy bands. I do not hate
    these bands and boy bands. I’m not going to put you down for liking them.
    I’m not going to call you stupid for being in love with them.

    Can’t we all accept that not everyone is going to like the same thing you
    do? And can’t you other people who don’t like them not be so rude to their
    fans? There isn’t a thing wrong with these boys, there isn’t a thing wrong
    with their fans. Except that some of them threaten people or call them
    stupid for not being in the same fandom.

    So, fans, if you see a hateful comment, please don’t make a big fuss of it
    and be rude to that person.

    People who do not like these boys, it is fine to state your opinion, but
    you don’t have to make it so rude. And you don’t have to tell the people
    that are in the fandom to kill themselves or call them stupid.

    Just accept that not everyone is going to like the same thing you do. It’s

    Thank you.?

  4. Andrea hemmo says:

    WITH BLOND HAIR IS MINE” and help me god they just know 2 fucking words of
    she looks so perfect that it hurts bc they’re going to the tour next year
    and I’m not. ?

  5. Parkie355 says:

    4 cunts who claim they are ‘punks’. Dying your hair green does not make you
    a punk. This is only music for 11 year olds.?

  6. whitelily5445 says:

    Now, I’ve never like 5SOS (yes, every fan girl, attack me now -.-) but this
    song, I actually enjoyed it, cause I bet a lot of people have had to go
    through this. But just that one line ” I wish that I could wake up with
    amnesia” prevented me from enjoying it completely. Reason being, that I
    could imagine that having amnesia is pretty horrifying (I’ve never had it)
    and to put that in a song, wishing that you have that just…doesn’t sit
    well with me at all. So I have very conflicted feeling with this song, and
    the band members themselves (talking about ‘everyone’s perfect’ in SLSP,
    then wears makeup during their videos).?

  7. nelly serdari says:

    Another boys band like 1D.???? hate them all….. Same music, same style,
    same videos… You gotta be so stupid to like them?

  8. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia?

  9. Ashwini Narayanan says:

    Okay so.
    1. This is not a rock band. This is a pop rock band, who’s main demographic
    is teenage girls. AND THAT IS OKAY.
    2. These boys are talented, good looking and really appealing to watch.
    3. I don’t like pop music, so I do not particularly like this song and I
    think it would have been fantastic if they had toned and stripped it down
    completely making it completely acoustic, but that is just my opinion.
    4. Regardless of whether it sounds good to me or not, the lyrics of this
    song are MINDBLOWING. Very Ed Sheeran-esque. It depicts a story, and it’s
    very poetic. So I respect that.
    5. I think the conflicting opinions on this comment section are, in fact,
    OPINIONS. So can everyone just ctfo and enjoy the music?

  10. Brandon Van says:

    Fucking auto-tune? Are you kidding me? I really don’t care if you’re into
    this crap, but don’t ever call this Punk-Rock.. or Rock, for that matter..
    this is commercialized Pop created to make money by appeasing to pre-teen
    fangirls. Again, don’t care if you enjoy this, but calling this Punk-Rock
    is an insult to actual Punk-Rock bands. ?

  11. Jonas Kolstad says:

    Harry styles have a really beautiful voice <3?

  12. allison crouch says:

    Not to be rude people, but you all need to stop the hate on these boys.
    They work really hard on all of this, and I can probably guarantee they
    don’t like the hate. They are all amazing, and definitely talented. They
    would appreciate you all haters to stop. I personally love their music, and
    each and every one of them. If you only like them for their looks and call
    your selves fans, you are definitely not. I will always be fans of them.
    They will not lose my fandom for them, and even if they break up. I hope
    they don’t though. So everyone please stop the hate!!! ?

  13. Toriona Day says:

    Ok so I’m a new 5sos fan I’ve liked them for a few months and i think that
    they are fun cool cute and can sing plus i LOVE THEIR ACCENTS…i just want
    to be welcomed to the fandom if I’m not too late… 🙂
    Oh and what is the fans name like one direction have directioners and
    little mix has mixers (I’m a fan of both group’s) but what are 5sos fans
    named… :)?

  14. SoMe GuY says:

    i personally think that the video had nothing to do with Pompeii

    i excpected this to be a guy running from lava and fire balls not from
    people that look like they’ve been taken out of a cheesy horror movie?

  15. TheInanimateFight says:

    I’m going to go against the critics and say that 2014 has been such a
    horrible year music-wise compared to 2013.
    Last year the mainstream was filled with complete variety, everything
    sounded really different from everything else because it was a transitional
    year for the pop charts, there were more real instruments in many of the
    songs that weren’t EDM-dominated, alternative music was the best it had
    been in recent memory with the explosions of Bastille, Imagine Dragons, The
    Neighbourhood, The 1975 and others, some of the songs started to become
    self-aware about everything that was wrong with pop music, with ‘Thrift
    Shop’ and ‘Royals’ both being worldwide hits, not to mention the fact that
    this was the year JT jumped back into the music world, which of course,
    helped in favor of 2013. There was still teen-pop, but there was variety
    between the songs gaining success. And people still cared about MUSIC
    VIDEOS. Some of the biggest videos were silly enough for everyone to enjoy,
    but a lot of them actually told a story, or flashed back to another decade,
    and weren’t always centered around the artist.

    After Wrecking Ball, Harlem Shake and The Fox were released and all went
    viral, other labels started trying to emulate, and so many songs have been
    released specifically to get the same reaction from the media. Not to
    mention all of the amazing pop idols from last year have been replaced with
    the same old ex-Disney girls, fake bands, and Iggy Azalea, country’s
    somehow gotten worse than how it was last year, and the rap that’s getting
    successful is somehow even lower standard – just watch the video for Hot
    Boy. All this has reversed the progress that 2013 was setting up, and pop
    songs have gone back to being about the same stupid shit it’s always been
    about. I still like a lot of songs from 2014, but all this is just
    frustrating -.-

    Kudos if you actually read all of this?

  16. Andrew Martens says:

    Eh-eh-o eh-o

    I was left to my own devices
    Many days fell away with nothing to show

    And the walls kept tumbling down
    In the city that we love
    Great clouds roll over the hills
    Bringing darkness from above

    But if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    Nothing changed at all?
    And if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    You’ve been here before?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

    We were caught up and lost in all of our vices
    In your pose as the dust settled around us

    And the walls kept tumbling down
    In the city that we love
    Great clouds roll over the hills
    Bringing darkness from above

    But if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    Nothing changed at all?
    And if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    You’ve been here before?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

    Eh-eh-o eh-o

    Oh where do we begin?
    The rubble or our sins?
    Oh oh where do we begin?
    The rubble or our sins?

    And the walls kept tumbling down (oh where do we begin?)
    In the city that we love (the rubble or our sins?)
    Great clouds roll over the hills (oh where do we begin?)
    Bringing darkness from above (the rubble or our sins?)

    But if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    Nothing changed at all?
    And if you close your eyes,
    Does it almost feel like
    You’ve been here before?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

    If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

    Eh-eh-o eh-o?

  17. Spoder Man says:


  18. airoman123 says:

    where are Sam and Dean when you need them?

  19. LukeToThePast says:

    In an interview, the lead singer of Bastille (I originally said the band of
    Pompeii oops) says the song is about two corpses talking to one another,
    with one taking the verses, whereas the other is the chorus. One’s a
    pessimist and is giving in to the fate that led to the people of Pompeii’s
    demise, whereas the other is more optimistic about the situation; they know
    their fate is sealed to be covered in hot ash and to die like their friend,
    but they knows that they’ll be safe when they dies. He/she says “But if you
    close your eyes…” because they can remember what life was like before the
    eruption occurred. He/she can remember peaceful times before it, and they
    go back to it; it’s their safety place, and the chorus is calming down the
    verses, saying things will be okay if they were to just look back at when
    everything was normal.

    The video shows the lead singer as both of these. He’s running away from
    people with the darkness in their eyes, representing the pumice and ash
    overflowing them. He’s afraid of it, as is the verses, but the chorus
    eventually calms him down as it goes on. Near the end, he’s angry (As he
    hits the car when it breaks down), which is when he realises he can’t do
    anything about it. So he walks to a place, where he’s stopped running; he’s
    no longer afraid of it, he’s just going to a place he wants to go. He
    eventually makes it to the peak of where he feels safest, to get one last
    look at what the life was like before what started happening to the people.
    He then embraces his demise, as his eyes become dark.

    People have their own interpretations about this song and its message. They
    can argue for and against why it’s true, and none is necessarily wrong;
    I’ve gone from a primary source and decided my own meaning to the video and
    the song itself, but people have had better ideas about what it’s about.
    Either way, it’s a “no right or wrong answer” situation; no one is wrong if
    they can back it up, but no one is right because they potentially have
    holes in their ideas too. Just pick the idea you like best and respect
    other people’s ideas.?

  20. Batman says:

    I think my problem with this song is that I never heard it with good audio.
    Otherwise it sounded just painfully off-tune and something the Voice judges
    would lean back away from their buttons at the blind auditions. The vocals
    actually aren’t that bad, and to be honest, pretty good! I always liked the
    production, but my first good listen of the song does indeed allow me to
    “be an optimist” and like it. Sometimes the guy’s singing falls flat but
    I’m glad I can like this song.?

  21. Marcio Alexandre says:

    Vocês sabem qual a música mais tocada do momento ?!
    Cliquem e curtam !!?

  22. Benny Boii says:

    So now I know that Bastille is getting rigged views on this video. 136
    billion is not logical like what the fuck? Have some honest views
    dude…really FUCKED up. There isn’t 136 billion people on this earth, and
    no one has even questioned this? We need to educated our youth who are
    watching this video, son of bitch.. 7 billion people live on this earth..

  23. precious ike-Elechi says:


  24. Fernando Gomides says:

    Cade os BR’s aki caralhu ?

  25. gdnam32 says:

    I dOn’t gYet et, dis sonng doesnt tok boUt da siti ov poMpeii, da siTi dat
    gut burYied bi a vulcAyno, thiz sonng dOesnt mayke cents at
    all!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!, lern yur hizTury bastille, thiZ iz da wErst sonng
    evur >>>>::((( ?

  26. 4 Crazy People says:


  27. Zisis Sakellariou says:

    Good night !!!!?

  28. Olgica sweet says:

    )??????? ?? ???? ?..????????? ???? ??? ???? ?

  29. shauna freeman says:

    Amazing, not ur normal shitty pop song. To me he’s showing by the black eye
    theme that the government and establishments r keeping us in the dark over
    things, changing us into darker human beings, our souls are being lost by
    what’s going on behind the scenes, he says if u close ur eyes does it
    almost feel like nothings changed at all, hence most are blind to these
    factors as we are not being fully informed of anything so they are blinding
    us by dumbing us down. Just my opinion doesn’t have to be anyone elses

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