5. Quietest Place – Jace Clayton | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

In which Jace Clayton, aka DJ /Rupture, challenges you to take a walk from where you live and find the quietest place. Once you’re there, take it in for a mo…

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  1. The Gregory Brothers says:

    we hunted silence for over an hour. it is the most elusive prey of new york

  2. Mr. Rize AG says:

    There is no quiet place within walking distance of my apartment :(?

  3. PBS says:

    We have an assignment for you — from The Art Assignment?. We challenge you
    to take a walk from where you live and find the quietest place. Once you’re
    there, take it in for a moment and then make a short video or take some
    photos there. Learn more about the assignment in this video:?

  4. Emily Burnette says:

    My favorite one so far, definitely going to do this. Can my video be a bit
    longer? Like if I wanna talk about the spot more??

  5. lesliefoundhergrail says:

    This assignment actually freaks me out a little. This is mostly because I
    live in the middle of Baltimore city, really close to a prison. I’ve been
    taught through living in this area that there’s a bit of uneasiness or even
    danger when the streets of this city are quiet. ?

  6. Norn wen says:

    “Not meant to be monkish separation thing” leaves me confused. What if I
    made something like that??

  7. Care says:

    Veritasium wins this.?


    I could walk outside of my house and that would be it. I live on a dead end
    street and it’s quieter than an open field and the middle of the woods in
    my neighborhood. ?

  9. From a Small Tree says:

    I feel like this is almost too easy where I live…. Fifty feet from my
    house is the edge of a forest, and this state is 90% trees (actual

  10. Terry Sisler says:

    This assignment is great and I wish I could be able to enjoy it. Sadly, I
    have tinnitus and without a certain threshold of white noise there is an
    intense high pitched whine in my ears; the quieter is get the louder the
    whine becomes. Staying in a quiet place for too long is very uncomfortable
    for me.?

  11. Lucas Sullivan says:

    I’m learning that I really REALLY don’t get [this kind of featured on The
    Art Assignment] art, but I promise I am trying. ?

  12. Shannon Haines says:

    This assignment is pretty much impossible for me. I walk out my front door
    into a suburban neighborhood with nothing going on. Everything is quiet D: ?

  13. Jordan Benjamin says:

    that’s Donald Glover’s older brother?

  14. Romy van Dijk says:

    I love this assignment, but I think it’s more challenging when you live in
    a city. I really just need to step outside and it’ll probably be quiet. ?

  15. Kaci Smith says:

    I live out in the country… My closest neighbor lives 30 miles away… A
    lot of ppl in Tx live out in the boonies as i do lol I live on 100 acres so
    basically my front yard is intensely quiet.. Besides our cows waling around
    eating and the sound of the creek flowing its completly silent.. I use to
    love it when i was a child because my brothers and I could make as much
    noise as we wanted while playing outside because where we lived as children
    our closest neighbor was 10 miles away. When i had children i knew i wanted
    to live in the country, away from everyone so they could experience the
    same serenity as i did growing up.. I remember staying at my friends house,
    who lived in town, when i was 6 and not being able to sleep. It was too
    loud. I couldn’t believe how loud traffic was. Even as an adult I have
    problems staying in town. I love visiting big cities but i dont think it
    would be possible for me to live there… Even when we stay in San Antonio
    for a weekend im so rdy to get back to the peace and quiet of home.?

  16. angela jang says:

    This video reminds me to appreciate silence. I think silence makes us face
    our true selves. Unfortunately I am one of those people who are afraid of
    silence. Tomorrow morning after shower I will sit in complete silence and
    just enjoy silence and on saturday, I will take my camera and find quietest
    place in my neighbour hood. I really wish there is some internet place
    where we can share all of our quietest place. Where people can post
    pictures, videos, sketches or even just URL of the quiets place in google
    map. I think that itself can become a artwork…?

  17. Gruzuk says:

    All I had to do was step outside. The only sound was the gentle swaying of
    trees in the wind.?

  18. Lauren H. says:

    What was the “half tongue-in-cheek” assignment Jace was talking about at
    the end of the video? “Walk around your city until you’re *_*” I can’t
    understand the final word…?

  19. Kram1032 says:

    I was immediately reminded of +Veritasium ‘s recent video where he sat in a
    special sound-killing room in perfect darkness for an hour.?

  20. KatieContinues says:

    My video for this assignment: http://youtu.be/2p1aeEBrfUo?

  21. BagGirlFriday says:

    Anyone else curious as to why they keep saying not to break the law at the
    end of each episode? ?

  22. Lotta S says:

    “pro tip: wear quiet shoes” 😀 😀 :D?

  23. Lauren Fairweather says:

    I tried out this assignment and I really enjoyed it! Here’s a video about
    my quietest place and some of my thoughts: Thoughts from my Quietest Place

    Thank you for inspiring what turned out to be a really lovely day. ?

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