4Chan Gifs

this clip has already been posted but without sound so I edited some sound into it.
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15 Responses to “4Chan Gifs”

  1. MLPUlquiorra says:

    Ah yes. What we all love the internet for.?

  2. Christian Wilkett-Lumba says:

    yep I’m on the internet again?

  3. dejaelmensajedespues says:

    ooooh man i need to know the first song, it’s awesome!?

  4. Digging Deeper #01 says:

    I love this new music better.?

  5. masterpanos1990 says:

    hot limit

  6. Scrub Ness says:

    Good ol’ Tallis.

  7. MrHypnofan says:

    Would that be considered a legal tackle in Rugby?

  8. ZombieDonuts95 says:

    1:18 – 1:21 WTF!?

  9. Chris Miles says:

    what was that original clip from at 2:15, and who is that?

  10. GladTie says:

    v=OmjG3F5Qvqw delivers

  11. sannukas0016 says:

    4chan ? /b/

  12. Alek Angelov says:

    it’s about a board, idiot.

  13. captaineince says:


  14. ShadowReaper072 says:

    2:15 – 2:17 WTF is that LOL

  15. death759 says:

    1:30 Jason, cleaning his car after a day of hard work?

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