3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: “Linda, honey, just listen.”

Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at thebigtino.com facebook.com/thebigtino tvtino.com.
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Music video by Ricardo Montaner Feat. Evaluna Montaner performing La Gloria De Dios. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC.

40 Responses to “3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: “Linda, honey, just listen.””

  1. Peggy T says:

    This was cute at first, but I hope they don’t always let him talk back like
    And my take on the spanking issue: I’ve personally known more people who
    (like myself) were spanked and grew up to respect their elders than those
    who were either neglected or coddled. The idea behind discipline should be
    for children to learn respect, not fear. And in a perfect world, we would
    all know where that line is drawn. Anyway, I think there’s an obvious
    correlation between the lessened discipline by parents today and the
    increased entitled attitude in children.?

  2. AngloFrenchie Chick says:

    It looks cute because he”s small and has a cute little face but he’s rude.
    Bad parenting. Makes you wonder who the parent is. It won’t be so cute when
    he’ll be 16 and talking back saying “Honey…Linda , listen to me. You’re
    not listening to ME. I’m the boss here”?

  3. Duania Respes says:

    First off for those of u that think beatings are the answer, that’s why ur
    kids are off shooting up school, or they grow up having a constant fear of
    you and won’t come to u when it’s really important. Obviously she knew it
    was funny n not disrespectful or else her ass wouldn’t be holding the
    camera while he is talking to her. Sometimes it’s not a matter of
    disrespect it’s a matter of letting the child express themselves, the
    lesson in my opinion is that this child is learning that if he does not
    agree to speak up. Of course she will teach him not to talk back to
    authority, but he’s only 3. Did anyone notice that HES ONLY 3. I’m sure
    everyone has done something like this at a younger age. The name terrible
    2s did not just come out of nowhere, but because he is able to articulate
    extremely well for his age we scold the mom instead of praise her for his
    vast vocabulary. Smh society today will tell a person down instead of
    pointing out their strengths. Is that society’s way of continuing to
    oppress people? ?

  4. jezuzfreek777 says:

    This child needs discipline. He should never talk over or talk back to an
    The woman filming this has allowed the child to have the reigns and control
    the conversation. That is not good.?

  5. Vicky Sebold says:

    Undeniably the video is hilarious, because those of us who have raised
    children know that at the age of three, they are little parrots. Most of us
    can just see Mateo’s Dad standing there, explaining a night out with the
    boys…” Linda Honey, listen, listen…” I don’t think anyone is
    suggesting that children should be allowed to talk back to their Mommies…
    Regarding spanking, you’ll get as many opinions as there are parents…
    Personally, the occasional spanking isn’t going to damage a kid, but as in
    all things regarding children… they tend to learn by what they see at
    home. So parents, be mindful of what you say/do in front of your little

  6. Jeremy Strong says:

    What a smart young kid, trying to reason his way through the situation of
    the cupcakes. It’s really unfortunate that the parents seem to think that
    they need to respond to natural childish impulses with physical punishment.
    Spanking is just a goo-goo word for hitting. Take some notes from your
    hilariously bright child and use reason to get what you want. Also, if kids
    are misbehaving over cupcakes, why not take away privileges before
    succumbing to the old school camp of corporal punishment? In my
    understanding such punishment is at its worst a violation of human rights
    and at its best the parental camp of the lazy or misguided. The idea that
    you can teach people to be respectful by using violence is shortsighted and
    unimaginative. I have seen plenty of young kids base respect for their
    elders on learning to understand kindness and compassion with no fear of
    punishment required. But this kid is seriously cute, and I have no doubt he
    will soon talk his folks out of hitting him unjustly more eloquently than I
    ever could.?

  7. Estelle Simard says:

    Such a cute kid … I’m loving this video ?????

  8. Ron LeBlanc says:

    Spanking your child for wanting sugar? Sugar is believe it or not a
    building block for the body. It’s actually one of the most simple, and easy
    to break down building blocks. Which is why all children crave it. A lot of
    people are very overweight, because of over consumption of sugar. Which
    helps prove that sugar can add mass to a person’s body. Children are trying
    to grow, they are trying to add mass to their bodies.

    The way Mateo is speaking in this video is a direct mirrored reflection of
    the way his mother speaks to him.

    I just see a cute little boy that wants a little more go juice for play
    time, and a fat ass mother that has no life other than to control the lives
    of her children through threats, condescending behavior, and violence
    (which she gives a playful name of boom boom your butt). The 3 methods of
    control I mentioned are a few of the methods that make up the code word
    discipline. Discipline in regards to child rearing is a code word for child
    abuse. It’s a word parents can rally together around. It’s a way for the
    parent’s to place the blame on the children rather than themselves.

    Some of you think this 3-5 year old should be punished, and really held to
    a high standard. Children should be allowed to be children, we shouldn’t
    force them into a life of boring adult argument about mundane shit. Those
    years are not your years they are his, and once you take them away from him
    he can’t get them back.

    Give the boy a cupcake he will run around for half an hour then take a nap,
    oh it’s such a big deal. Let me guess I’m missing the point, the point is
    to let your children know who’s boss. How do you let people know who the
    boss is in our society? Well we make rules, and we dish out punishment for
    not following those rules. We intimate people, or condescend people, or
    just generally bully them. All are just terrible lessons to teach a child.

    Replies have been disabled, because too many people on you tube are just
    animals. ?

  9. erik cameron says:

    Cutest thing ever! The other commenters should get off your soapboxes and
    just lighten-up; it’s a cute video, enjoy it for what it is.?

  10. Kenlie McDarkness says:

    ok I like this video, a lot, and not at all trying to be rude, but in my
    opinion you should not let him call you linda. that is bad behavior and
    when he gets older then he will not learn respect for anyone…?

  11. Ingrid Geronimo says:

    This was awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing that moment Linda!!!! Nuff
    said. ?

  12. Juan Martinez says:

    3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: “Li…:

  13. maya Bradley says:

    Just watch it. Don’t judge me. Yet… ?

  14. UprisingHD says:

    I understand this is poor parenting, and this kid is being taught bad
    habits, but he is only 3 years old. I am sure he will grow out of it soon

  15. Soumil Gad says:

    Mateo would make a great lawyer :)?

  16. Jnia Smalls says:

    werk little boy hhahahahhah this i’m my child hahahhhahahaahh ?

  17. EngageTheRebels says:

    In any other country this video wouldn’t be filmed sideways. Stupid
    Americans. ?

  18. Gersson Romero says:

    me encanta

  19. oscar lopez says:

    me gusto mucho

  20. cristhian martinez says:


  21. Alberto Mesa says:

    Un bello mensaje lleno de Amor y Paz y que decir de esas dos bellas voces

  22. Sebastian Jose says:


  23. Jhonatan Torres says:

    para el “SEÑOR” que le importa a ellos Si a ti te gusta O no???? A ELLOS LE
    IMPORTA ES QUE A “DIOS” le agrade el canto: Y por medio de ese CANTO LO

  24. george says:


  25. Alma Baez says:

    I love the beautiful relation between father an daughter. You can see how
    proud is this dad of his child. May God continue blessing your ministry.
    Beautiful song it really makes you want to go in the glory of God.

  26. Marian Ardon says:

    que lindo lo que as echo Ricardo sigue adelante cantándole a DIOS

  27. kathe rine says:


  28. María Fernanda Sánchez says:

    Conozco a Dios, y gracias a el sé que no es castigador, es justo, y hace
    justicia, pero no castiga, no es cómo los hombres que se sacian al ver el
    sufrimiento de las personas, y no afirmes que no leo la biblia, de hecho lo
    hago muy a menudo, pero la leo con amor, la interpreto con amor, y tengo
    temor a Dios pero también confianza en el. ¡Y VIVO, VIVO CON DIOS, PORQUE

  29. thailys lopez says:

    buenos que dios los vendigas y lede a todos los hijos del saviduria de lo
    arto y el don para

  30. carlosrequena77 says:

    Que linda música dedicada a Papi Dios interpretada por el maestro Ricardo
    Montaner y su hija , saludos desde Guayaquil – Ecuador …

  31. Matias Lodi says:

    Es hermosa…..

  32. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Que Bueno haber encontrado lo excelente en la vida y tambien lo profesional
    en trasmitir ese talento.

  33. euri nova says:

    Esta durisima le cancion

  34. Carolina Gomez says:

    a sido de mucha bendicion esta alabanza para mi vida q Dios bendiga siempre
    su flia Sr Montaner y q la gloria de Dios siempre estee sobre sus vida y q
    todo puedan oir esta alabanza y transforme muestra vida

  35. fasther jamm says:


  36. Jose Gregorio Mercado Escalona says:


  37. Sandry Emili says:


  38. Victor jaramillo says:

    Algo que muchos cantantes no hacen, Cantar con sus hijos.. Ya que no todos
    nacen con el Don de cantar. . Muy buena canción! Orgullo Venezolano!

  39. Jaime De leon says:

    Hermosa Canción me encanta

  40. Nataly Williams says:

    para tu informacion los milagros no son coincidencias y Dios existe tu
    problema si no crees

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