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¡Simón y Paz graban un videoclip!

¡Simón y Paz graban un videoclip!
Los hermanos Bermejo, Simón y Paz, han grabado un videoclip al más estilo latinoamericano. No han faltado las cadenas de oro, las chicas despampanantes y una letra muy pegadiza. Este domingo, a partir de las 22:30, una nueva entrega de la serie …

iPhone 6: Wie dünn? Videoclip lässt neues Apple Smartphone mit iPod Touch
Es gibt mehr als eine Hand voll Konzept- Clips zum neuen Apple iPhone 6. Eigentlich wollten wir euch nicht täglich mit “iPhone 6 News” belästigen. Allerdings schlägt der aktuelle Videoclip “iPhone 6: How Thin” Videoclip bei Youtube ein wie eine Bombe …
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[1080p HD] 131004 Music Bank BTOB – Thriller

131004 ???? BTOB – Thriller Copyright infringement not intended. |
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Photoshop cs5 layers help?

Question by : Photoshop cs5 layers help?
My current cs5 layer is in the right side of the screen. I see that the other cs5 users, their layer screen is in the very bottom? I want the same thing. do i fix it. I tried dragging. It didn’t work

Best answer:

Answer by B K
Click and drag the tab out, then drop it where you want it.

It does work!!! I just tried it.

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Sam Gosling – Feeble – Light Leak

A few nice photoshop manual images I found:

Sam Gosling – Feeble – Light Leak
photoshop manual
Image by old_skool_paul

Camera: Canon EOS 5000
with T2 Mount Lense Adapter

Tosner 135mm 1:28 (T2 Mount)

Fiji Film – iso 200

Why so sad?
photoshop manual
Image by vokasional

Olympus E-3 series | iso 200 | Manual

20140208_M13 (Gif)_0216

Check out these gifs images:

20140208_M13 (Gif)_0216
Image by Rugby Club Sportif de Brétigny

20140208_M13 (Gif)_0513
Image by Rugby Club Sportif de Brétigny

20140208_M13 (Gif)_0016
Image by Rugby Club Sportif de Brétigny

Cool Icons images

Some cool icons images:

73 Photos that have been in Explore – Thanks Everybody!
Image by betta design
This poster keeps moving up with additional photos as they come.

1. Daisy, 2. Ascensor Baron, 3. Tasting Valparaiso, 4. Valentine’s Faces in Santiago, 5. Untitled,
6. Should I do it now?, 7. The Rubber Duck, 8. Fresh, 9. Pops, 10. Yellow Flower, 11. Rainbow Lorikeets, 12. Fluffy (Fofo), 13. African Daisy, 14. Capoeira Fit, 15. Donkey in Jerusalem, 16. Tower of David & Jerusalem, 17. Bus 21 to Bethlehem, 18. The Endeavour, 19. Circular Quay Fence, 20. Millennium,
21. Paella Troupe, 22. Fence Friday – the Bridge, 23. Brazilian Charm, 24. Capoeira Acrobatics,
25. Flower, 26. Circular Quay – Feb 2012, 27. 01 Jan 2012, 28. The Shells, 29. Ana & Alex,
30. A Night at the Opera #01, 31. Cream Rose, 32. Cygnets, 33. Happy Mother’s Day, 34. Ouro Preto Lamp, 35. Station 3 Chapel, 36. In the Air, 37. Opera House Tiles #12, 38. Bronte Beach, 39. Flor,
40. White yellow violet, 41. Black Swans Territory, 42. Opera House Tiles #04, 43. Oops, 44. White Cockatoo, 45. Maracuja, 46. Rainbow Lorikeet, 47. Sydney Backyard Feeding #02, 48. Taj and Gateway of India, 49. Dome of the Rock North through Arcade, 50. Taj Mahal corner view, 51. Hong Kong Panoramic, 52. The Theatre, 53. Racing up, 54. Down the Wall, 55. After the rain #01, 56. At Badaling, 57. Forbidden City Moat, 58. Sunset on the Taj Mahal, 59. Endeavour & Sydney, 60. Yellow Lily Detail,
61. Yellow Lily #1, 62. Black Swan Look, 63. S. Caetano, 64. Sunset over the clouds, 65. Taj Mahal – 4:50pm – 04dec07, 66. Grevillea & the rainbow lorikeet 02, 67. Queen Elizabeth 2, 68. The Andes,
69. Maria Fumaça de Ouro Preto a Mariana, 70. Belinha had enough, 71. The Treasury – Petra,
72. Taj Mahal at sunset, 73. City Palace – Jaipur

The UnValentine : “Think of a day that describes Valentine’s day and rhymes with cupid.”
Image by Jesse Draper
It’s nice to finally have a book out.…

""Exactly mid-way through the frigid month of February A day is celebrated by the dumb and ordinary. And all around me, notes are passed by idiots and stupids– Packed tight with sugar-mottoed hearts and naked pudgy cupids. This ritual, conducted under heart-shaped, crimson flag, Does absolutely nothing for me, but to make me gag!"
View On Black
Written by Sam Beeson.
Paintings by me. 🙂


Told in verse, the story is of young Lily and her distaste for the whole Valentine’s Day hoopla until she meets a boy in her class who seems to find it equally distasteful. I thought the story was a cute one but the best things about the book was the artwork. I found it delightfully macabre in a way. I think Lily reminds me of a blond Wednesday from the Addam’s Family. The whole book is like a Valentine’s Day gift from Tim Burton. ( )
icedream | Feb 2, 2008 |
This is a lovely book. The illustrations are gorgeous, the poem cute but not sappy, and the sentiment is perfect. I was completely taken with the detail on each page and in each drawing. This is a perfect little book for the little piece of all of us who secrectly (or not secretly) hates Valentine’s Day. ( )
ElizabethEWS | Feb 2, 2008 |

There are two ways to approach this little volume. The first is as a sumptuous, long-form Valentine-card-with-character. As such, it succeeds beautifully.

The other option would be to approach this as an actual book. In which case, you get a cloying and patronizing tale of a modern-day Harriet the Spy, documenting in her notebook her disdain for her schoolmates’ Valentine’s Day dither. However, she’s merely a bitter wallflower! For when she receives her own Valentine—from a disaffected, pseudo-goth boy—she becomes a Valentine’s Day Booster, and we close with a shot of her and her beau running hand-in-hand together through a field of…

…dead grass. (I have to admit, I do like the illustrator’s sense of humor.)

Approach it as a Valentine’s Card. And if you’re going to give it to someone who’s actually disaffected with the day, make sure to graffiti it first.
sanguinity | Jan 31, 2008 |

The poetry inside the 32 page book describes a tween named Lily. A blond, blue-eyed, pigtailed girl dressed simply in the wonderful paintings by Jesse Draper, and is described by Mr. Beeson as "sour" and that she "didn’t believe in love." He then describes her anti-love positions and her especially virulent hatred of Valentines Day (it makes her "gag").

Then, in true Valentines Day fashion, she receives a wadded up note of poetry from a kindred soul, a BOY named Ray! And love blooms between this anti-love pair, proving once again, love conquers all.

The last three pages of the book are real Valentines. Or should I say UnValentines. Two to a page, with perforations in the middle, the fonts are reproductions of the paintings in the book. On the back is a wonderful UnValentine statement. Very novel and useful.

The book is gift-book sized, designed to fit on the greeting card rack. Priced at .95 US, it fits in with the other gift-books and yet is definitely not your usual sugary poetry book. The paintings are also very realistic and when combined with the Victorian typefaces and adornments lend an air of elegance to the whole package. Overall I am reminded of Chas. Addams’ cartoons in the New Yorker and the wonderful family he created in the type of ironic humor attempted. All in all an intelligent take on a holiday that is all too often inducing of a diabetic coma.

Get it for those you don’t love. The UnValentine by Sam Beeson, paintings by Jesse Draper.

posted also on:
Speechguy | Jan 30, 2008

Lily doesn’t believe in love. Within her journal she chronicles her intolerance of cutesy Valentines and mocks the idiots who send them. Yes, Lily doesn’t believe in love UNTIL… you’ll have to pick up this Gothic inspired tale, as I’ll not give away it’s wonderful secrets.

So much can be said for this little book: imaginative, expressive, and heartening. The artwork, by Jesse Draper, is fantastic. I can’t wait to send out the Valentines included in the back!

This book may be marketed to the general public, but as a former secondary educator, I can promise this story will be a huge hit with the teen crowd. Guys, if you want to score points with your girl, skip the flower shop and head over to the bookstore.

Finally, a classic for this sorely unrepresented holiday.
Tasses | Jan 28, 2008 |

Copyright Jesse Draper

Isobelle Icon 2
Image by Purple Heather

Nice Short Film photos

A few nice short film images I found:

WSFF 2012 Media Launch
short film
Image by Canadian Film Centre
CFC’s CEO Slawko Klymkiw chatting with CTV’s Andria Case.
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival — June 5 -10, 2012

Taking place in downtown Toronto, the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) showcases specially-themed 90-minute programs, with each program offering from 5-20 films — all for as low as a ticket! WSFF is North America’s largest venue for short film exhibition, industry programming, and marketplace.
Visit for full details

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Photo by Ernesto Di Stefano

How To: Color in Adobe Illustrator

How To: Color in Adobe Illustrator

A demo on using adobe illustrator.

Nice Photoshop Manual photos

Some cool photoshop manual images:

Al-Anoud Towers [HDR]
photoshop manual
Image by Bakar_88
Location: Olaya Town, Downtown Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Shot:
Nikon D90
Nikkor Wide Lens 10-24mm
Manual Mood
13 Sec.
iso 100

: : Lightroom: Decreasing the temperature of the RAW image.
: : Photomatix: 3×2 exposure Shots in JPEG & Tonemapped generated HDR
: : Photoshop :
– Added 1 layer of the cold HDR image
– Added 1 layer of the hotter HDR image
– Added 1 mask layer to decrease the temperature of the Foreground
– Added 1 layer Mask of "Curves" to increase the overall contrast
– Added 1 Layer Mask of "Hue/Saturation" to decrease the saturation a little bit.

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Sunset Work [HDR]
photoshop manual
Image by Bakar_88
Location: Dhahret Laban, Wadi Laban District, Western Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

About: Wadi Laban is a new district located at western Riyadh and very near to Al-Diri’iyah Historical Governorate and where it consists of private houses and some mid-commerial zones like any other new District in Riyadh.

The Shot:
Nikon D90
Nikkor Wide Lens 10 – 24mm
1/160 sec.
iso 800 (Just Forgot to set it) 😀

: : Photomatix: 3 exposure Shots in JPEG & Tonemapped generated HDR
: : Lightroom: Processed in Jpeg using a Preset made by me 🙂
: : Photoshop: Signature and Canvas

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Ham Radio Shacks

A music slideshow of Ham Radio shacks and antennas from around the world.

Magaly Medina entrevista en su programa de Radio Capital a Beto Ortiz.

FM Washington