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Whatsapp gratis sin wifi y sin saldo en todas las compañias de México

Whatsapp gratis sin wifi y sin saldo en todas las compañias de México

Tutorial para usar whatsapp gratis en telcel, movistar, iusacell y unefon sin tener saldo y con el wifi apagado.…

Amazing Videos

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How To Draw Shoes Clipart

How To Draw Shoes Clipart

Learn To Draw Shoes Clipart.

Sere? un Padre TERRIBLE | Hola Soy German

Suscribete ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Ojalá te guste el video, ponle “me gusta” y …
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This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace….

Is it possible to open a paint shop pro file in photoshop?

Question by saturnineage: Is it possible to open a paint shop pro file in photoshop?
I can’t get psp files to open in Photoshop. Is there a plug-in out there for it?

Best answer:

Answer by Peg*b
Yes–there is a Photoshop plugin, but it is limited to earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro files.

Here’s an article about it:

and here are the download links:

Good luck!

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Nice Cs4 photos

A few nice cs4 images I found:

Convenient Glory
Image by Nathan Van Arsdale
A beautiful sunset at Bassett Lake, near Ely, NV on the Great Basin Highway.

I was returning from my older brother’s wedding in Sun Valley, ID, where I enjoyed a weekend of great skiing, singing, and revelry. I didn’t take my camera out all weekend, not even for the various parties. My brother and new sister-in-law hired a great photographer to handle all of that (… so I got to take part in all the fun. Also, we were sacked in by snow and dense clouds, so there wasn’t much landscape to see. However, as I drove south on Highway 93 the clouds gave way to clear sky, and the landscape came alive. It was turning into a magical day… one of those days where all of the ingredients for a beautiful sunset were coming together. I wanted to get to some sort of body of water though, so I started scanning the scenery. Clouds were gathering, and I could tell that I was eventually going to drive into a snowstorm. I just hoped that the storm would wait until after the sun went down.

As I approached Ely I nearly missed the sign for Bassett Lake. I turned on the muddy ranch road and felt grateful for my 4WD, because otherwise I would have surely gotten stuck. I made my way about 2 miles down the bumpy road before I saw something that looked promising. The mountains seemed to be cloud-factories, and the clouds were obscuring the sun… but I asked politely for them to reveal a little bit of glory as the sun continued to sink. Careful to obey no trespassing signs, I found this lovely location and set up my tripod. I didn’t have to wait very long for the weather Gods to answer my request for glory. The sun hit its sweet spot and light burst forth from the clouds.

After the moment passed I stayed a bit to breath and reflect before walking back to my car. As soon as I got back to my car it started snowing, and didn’t stop for the rest of my drive back to Vegas.

This is an HDR panorama created from 4-vertical HDR frames using Photoshop CS4. Each HDR frame was created from 3-RAW images using Photomatix Pro.

Prints available at my printshop.
To read more, and see how I make my images, visit my blog.

Live TV | Latest Episodes

Live TV | Latest Episodes

Live TV | Latest Episodes

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  • discovery
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Free Anime

Social Media – Why should we care when we get people to watch YouTube videos?

You want people to see your YouTube videos, right? It will help you to meet. In fact, nobody cares about you understand that popularity on the Internet. Gather is a popular social media community. People gather to watch videos YourTube because it is small and intimate – and great and popular! His desire for people to watch your videos on YouTube ™ is a kind of training to enter the social media marketing. One step at a time.

1. Popularity is your goal because you want more views. Here is a quote from the website Gather “Gather is a place where millions of people who come fresh perspective on what is happening now Gather members can share their views and participate in conversations with others who share their interests.. “

2. Small groups are intimate. Gather members and visitors choose areas of interest. By joining the small communities gather, are in a small group. You get to observe, ask questions, actually interact and practice with members who have similar interests. As you do, you’re a bit of training experience in social media marketing action.

3.Engagement. People in a small group says: “Hello!” and begin to interact immediately. At the beginning of interaction, it is a pleasure more questions and get feedback, it can ask for in a place small enough to be observed. You can help raise start the avalanche of views that you seek.

4. How do you know Bring it popular? Not just because we say! Many companies as Internet traffic and who gets what. For example, search engines need to know. So everyone has their own secret ways of measuring web pages that matter.

5. Gather is popular and wins high ratings every day. People keep trying to trick the search engines to score more than they earn. For example, measures of popularity may include links to your web pages follow the important and popular websites. You enter a bit of social media marketing training a little more here, but the level of driving a car rather than the construction or maintenance. Is to bring together social media at its best. Only about entertainment is entering the social media marketing training.

6. Gathering gives real links to tell. Follow links to the websites of popular websites to help you. Gather is very popular and links follow.

7. Gather has regular traffic patterns. Meets the Internet traffic constantly throughout every day. A lot! That’s why respect is earned Gather measurable search engines. Gather not pretend. You can learn more in this area by studying a bit due to the social media marketing is practical. Find ways to create content and where to put experience required. Experience comes from making mistakes – and training.

8. The right people are already looking. People use search engines to find what you want and you’re somewhere. You want to not only be in the right places, but also the content of your tag so that search engines will recognize. That way you can meet get a better position in search results, even in “Page One” sometimes.

9. View the entire video! Gather you get a better position. That allows people to search the topic to watch their videos on YouTube ™ before they become tired or lose interest.

10. Privileged information. Search online popularity? You enter a bit of social media marketing training to learn more. Gather use. You’ll be in a community of like-minded interest in the subject.

Gather is the ideal starting point. Should be a concern when you want to gather people to watch your videos on YouTube ™! You’ll have a community to participate. Gather are quite popular search engines bringing you closer to the top of search results that fit you. Even in “Page One” Sometimes.

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Cool Icons images

Some cool icons images:

icon on ceiling of saint antony church
Image by sierragoddess
Coptic art from the 13th through the 15th century is well preserved in the Church of St. Anthony. The church was built at the beginning of the thirteenth century and has remained almost completely unaltered since then. The original decorations were undertaken by Master Theodore around 1232 -1233, while another painter worked in the monastery sometime before 1436. He was known as the painter of the paschal cycle.

The Characteristics of Coptic iconization follow certain symbolism that carries a meaningful message:

– Large and wide eyes symbolize the spiritual eye that look beyond the material world.

– Large ears listen to the word of God.

– Gentle lips to glorify and praise the Lord.

– Small mouths, so that they cannot be the source of empty or harmful words.

– Small noses, because the nose is sometimes seen as sensual.

– Large heads, which imply that the figure is devoted to contemplation and prayer.

Nene Overland’s Defender Icon
Image by katy_nicolson
I can’t figure it out. It’s hid-e-ous.