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M45 Open Cluster 30-09-08 #2

Some cool photoshop guide images:

M45 Open Cluster 30-09-08 #2
photoshop guide
Image by Zio81
9×180 Sec RAW
3×300 Sec Raw
8 Dark – 21 Bias
Canon 350D & Astronomik CLS
Newton 150/750 f5
Guided with PHD Guiding
Deepskystacker & Photoshop
2nd version

photoshop guide
Image by Sifu Renka
It’s Denise’s b-day, and with the help of Al (he hinted, she liked coffee, chocolate, and well… tiramisu) this was created. Layers of soft cakey lady fingers were soaked with rich coffee, layered with sweetened creamy mascarpone and whipped eggs. The middle layer is covered with a blanket of shaved dark chocolate, the top layer is dusted with cocoa and left to sit until ready to serve. (Recipe inspired by Chubby Hubby’s one from The Silver Spoon).

Thank you Taku for guiding me through Photoshop for the collage 😉

Also featured on: in the article: Tiramisu, a spoonful of Heaven. And on:…,

photoshop guide
Image by bamzin
do we really need photoshop?
illustration taken from a user’s guide

Cinema16: European Short Films

Cinema16: European Short Films

Cinema16 is pleased to announce the US release of Cinema16: European Short Films. This two-disc edition features previously unseen short films and early works by some of today’s most notable filmmakers, as well as award-winning films from its rising stars. In addition to the films, the set contains over three hours of commentaries and a 16-page color booklet.

Film Listing:
1. The Man Without a Head- Juan Solanas (France)
2. Wasp- Andrea Arnold (United Kingdom)
3. Doodlebug- Christopher Nolan (United Kingdom)
4. World of Glory- Roy Andersson (Sweden)
5. Je T’aime John Wayne- Toby MacDonald (United Kingdom)
6. Gasman- Lynne Ramsay (Scotland)
7. Jabberwocky- Jan Svankmajer (Czech Republic)
8. Fierrot Le Pou- Matthieu Kassovitz (France)
9. Rabbit- Run Wrake (United Kingdom)
10. Copy Shop- Virgil Widrich (Austria)
11. Boy and Bicycle- Ridley Scott (United Kingdom)
12. Nocturne- Lars Von Trier (Denmark)
13. Before Dawn- Balint Kenyers (Hungary)
14. Election Night- Anders Thomas Jensen (Denmark)
15. Six Shooter- Martin McDonagh (Ireland)
16. The Opening Day of Close-Up- Nanni Moretti (Italy)

List Price: $ 29.98

Price: $ 17.33

Pixar Short Films Collection - Vol. 1 (DVD, 2007)

End Date: Wednesday Dec-16-2015 11:19:03 PST
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Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection (Blu-ray/DVD, 2015,...
End Date: Friday Dec-18-2015 19:34:16 PST
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Art With Salt – Transformers

Facebook: Twitter: Google+ • REAL TIME – 90 min. • I REUSE THE SAME SALT ALL THE TIME • TOOLS: 1-2 FULL SHAKER OF ANY FINE SALT +PIECE OF SHARP PAPER + iPHONE4 + iMOVIE • PATIENCE Track “Long time coming” by Kevin Macleod

It’s important, a must see.

How can i import data from xls in illustrator to make a graph?

Question by My pet Noddy: How can i import data from xls in illustrator to make a graph?
I am not able to make a graph by importing the data from xls. Can any one help me to import this data in illustrator. Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by iDesign71
You should be able to copy the data (cell by cell) from Excel into Illustrator’s graph window to recreate the graph or alternatively you can select the graph image in Excel and copy and paste that to Illustrator, then adjust the colours, strokes, fonts etc.

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DESPISED ICON studio report, Episode 4: VOCALS

DESPISED ICON studio report, Episode 4: VOCALS

Lastest Adobe How To News

Valley Farm, West Wratting
adobe how to
Image by Andrew Stawarz
Took a lunchtime recce to figure out how to get near to the new Camgrain grain silos I pass each day at West Wratting. Now to find a better vantage point of the gorgeous stainless steel grain storage towers.

Q&A: How to add an italics effect to text in adobe illustrator CS4?

Question by Gozza: How to add an italics effect to text in adobe illustrator CS4?
When you enter text in microsft word and you want to make it italic then you highlight it and press the italics button. How to I make my text d the same thing in Adobe Illustrator CS4?

Best answer:

Answer by iDesign71
Illustrator (and the rest of the Adobe suite) do not support these ‘faux’ fonts. This is due to the fact that in postscript output only proper fonts and their installed typefaces are supported and the Adobe suite is geared towards this.

There are two options to make your text italic: either select it in the Type Style box – likely that currently says Roman, click on the drop down arrow and select Italic if it is available.

If the italic style is not available for your font, there is an alternative: in the Transform palette enter a value of between 12° and 15° in the Shear box. This will slant text and make it look as if it’s italic.

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How long does it take to shoot a typical short film?

Question by Everly: How long does it take to shoot a typical short film?
I am auditioning for a short film Sat. and I’ve never done film before. If I were to get the part, how long does it usually take to film? What should I expect? Can I email the producer (with whom I set up the audition) and ask him what the production schedule is like or would that be a faux pas?

Best answer:

Answer by kyle
Well it still varies
I’ve edited some thats been done in less than a week
but they have 15+ hr days

so depends all on the film… it gets done when it gets done

Well when i edit i go through at least 100 of film for a short movie

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Homescreen Tips for Your Android Phone

Mix your music! Learn GarageBand in 30 Days! LIKE us onFacebook! Check out the official Mahalo Page: Check out Fix Your Slow PC videos on this playlist Check out Windows 7 Lessons on this playlist. Check out these Pages for more Learning. Check out these Mahalo How-To Playlists: How to Use Facebook: How to Use Adobe Photoshop: How to Speak French: How to Speak Italian: How to Speak Japanese: How to Speak Spanish: How to Get into Shape: How To Become a Pharmacist: How To Become a Photographer: How To Get a Job: How To Make Cocktails: How To Make Coffee Drinks:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Got a photo with a pimply face or something else you’d like removed from your images? Here are three ways to get the job done in Photoshop, one of which works in most other images editors too! Borrowed a photo from Instructables as a source image:
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Stolen frame #6

A few nice short movie images I found:

Stolen frame #6
short movie
Image by Andrea Marutti

Stolen frame #10
short movie
Image by Andrea Marutti

Stolen frame #7
short movie
Image by Andrea Marutti