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Funny Animal Stock Photo to The Rescue!

Cats and Dogs with Paintbrushes

A friend of mine owns a painting company and asked me to create an image to help him promote his business as he enters the slow winter months. In the past I have helped him with images of dogs holding paintbrushes and so forth.

The animal-centered promotions have worked extremely well for him. After the first mailing he remarked to me that it was the first time ever that no one had contacted him wanting to be taken off the mailing list.

Funny Cats and Dogs Doing Human Activities

The first thing I did was to go through my Animal Antics images, a collection of funny cat and dog pictures, in which these pets are doing human activities, that I created for a greeting card line.

If I could find the right image to start with it would save me the work and expense of shooting animals, locations, props and of all the stripping out of hair and fur that would be necessary. To charge adequately for putting together such a photo would take it far out of my friend’s price-range.

 A Weimaraner, a Beagle and Two Cats

I found a likely candidate in a get well greeting card featuring a Weimaraner, a Beagle, and two cats, all waiting at a front door and holding soup, flowers and accessories for someone feeling “under the weather”.

My friend, (we’ll call him Greg since his name is Greg), had asked me to create an image that included a stormy environment and the pets safe inside their home. I wasn’t coming up with a way to effectively show the pets inside and a storm outside.

 But when I saw the get-well card photo I realized I could drop a storm scene behind the pets and put various painting tools in their arms and come up with a great image to fit Greg’s needs. And I wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel either. A great headline for the resulting image would be “We Are Here To Help!”

A Paint Brush, Masking Tape, and A Ninety-Seven-Layer Photoshop File

I gathered up some painting supplies and photographed each item separately. I pulled up my original layered Photoshop file for the greeting card. I used a clipping path to create a selection around each object: a paint can, a paint brush, a roller, some sand paper, a putty knife and a roll of blue masking tape.

I copied and pasted each of the items into place in the layered file (after eliminating the layers containing the original get-well objects). Then it was just a matter of adding some shadows and dropping a stormy sky into the background. When I was finished I had a nice little, ninety-seven layer, Photoshop file!

Royalty Free, Micro Stock or Rights Managed

What I now have is a humorous image that can be easily used by any painting contractor, distributor of painting supplies, or related business, to promote and advertise their enterprises.

Now Greg certainly isn’t going to want someone else from his area using that image. If this stock photo is released as a royalty free or micro stock image, then there would be no control over that. You can see how the effectiveness of such a compelling image would be dramatically curtailed if more than one painting business were to use the image in any given client base.

As a Rights Managed image, this picture can be used by many, many clients, with each one able to insure that they can get the exclusivity they want and need, and I, as the creator of the image, can get a premium for the imagination, creativity and plain old work that goes into such images.

A Key to Success

Choosing whether an image belongs in Royalty Free (includes Micro stock), or Rights Managed is one of my hardest tasks and one of the keys to optimizing your stock income. Ultimately I believe the success of a stock photo depends more on the photo and less on whether it is RM or RF. However, it can make a big difference and so I believe it is important to carefully weigh the criteria and try to make an informed choice.

Oddly enough, in the case of this funny pet picture, I believe that by putting the image in an RM collection I am being of the most service to the client. It is hard to go wrong if you are putting the client first.

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Stay Tuned To Multimedia Software

Sound, graphics, animation and video. These are the things we experience when we turn on a television set. We are educated and entertained by the movies, documentaries, cartoons and other programs we see on TV.

Sometimes we become glued to our television screens during particularly interesting programs. But more of us may find ourselves becoming glued to our computer screens instead because now we can run programs that have not only sound and graphics, but animation and video as well.

Software programs with these four components are called multimedia software programs. Brian Mitchell, manager of new products at Egghead Discount Software Inc., says multimedia software is a combination of technologies that have been around for a while, such as animated graphics and motion video graphics. Those technologies are combined with sound. This includes both waveform sound (recorded sound) and sound created in the compact disc audio format, or digital sound.

A compact disc is a polished metal disc that stores digital information and is read by an optical scanning device, such as a laser. Data, or sound, is stored on the disc using binary numbers–0s and 1s. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is combined into multimedia software packages as well. MIDI allows music synthesizers and musical instruments to be connected to computers. (For more information about MIDI, see “MIDI: The Standard That Makes Music” in this issue of PC Novice.)

These components of multimedia software help to bring out the best in the content of the software packages. There are three broad categories that most multimedia software programs fit into: education, entertainment and reference.

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PSD to XHTML Conversion Services

Having merely a web presence is not sufficient! A successful web presence brings along the right mix of strategy and a reflection of your business practices to convey your message to the visitor. For the better performance of a website not only an appealing design is required but also its user-friendliness matters. It is also seen that the World Wide Web is becoming advanced with more sophisticated introduced day by day. Even the browsers are improved to a great extent with more and more features added to it.

To make a website easily visible and popular, making it browser compatible is very important. For this PSD to XHTML conversion is one of the most vital elements of Web designing. Its growing importance in the designing cannot be completely annulled. With the increasing competition among the web marketers, the importance of a good design with better usability has become the necessity of the present time.

PSD is used for Photoshop design. PSD files are the design files which web designers prepare for any respective site to put on. These files are mere pictures or the imitations of one’s creative thinking. They are the stills as they lack any movement and usability. After designers pass their piece of architecture to web developers, these pictures get life and they start their assigned functionalities.

The conversion of digital images (e.g., prepared as Adobe Photoshop .psd files) into XHTML/CSS markups is a necessary phase of most web development projects. As a stand-alone service design-to-XHTML slicing emerged a few years ago. Its appearance was the market response to increasingly growing requirements to quality of XHTML/CSS code, its compliance with WWW Consortium (W3C) standards and browser compatibility.

PSD-to-XHTML service is quite simple and easy to deal. Using Adobe Photoshop or other software packages, graphic and web designers create digital images — files with *.PSD, etc extensions. To convert them into a webpage template or blog theme, you need to develop HTML code.

The competition forces PSD-to-HTML service providers to develop XHTML/CSS code in line with the latest Web trends. PSD-to-HTML services help to make web development faster and easier, allowing designers and back-end programmers to concentrate on their specific tasks. And this benefits the entire internet World!

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Tutorial Photoshop CS4 – Dimagrire con il filtro fluidifica

Tutorial Photoshop CS4 italiano – make up digitale – come perdere peso virtualmente dimagrendo una foto con il filtro fluidifica. By ShadowTutorials

Rival Gaming Casino Software

Rival Gaming has not been on the market for all that long but their software has quickly gained recognition as one of the best around. In a Rival casino you get good graphics, interesting games, security and innovation. One of the most important trademarks of Rival Gaming is their iSlot which has changed the way people look at traditional slots gaming. It is easy to try them out since their games are available also in free play versions.  



Most Rival Gaming powered casinos offer the traditional set up of casino games. You’ll find slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and the likes and in most cases you can try the games for free before you start betting for real. Rival Gaming is much more than the traditional online casino games and this is something that will probably become more obvious with time. Already now it is possible to play in a Rival powered casino and enjoy the complete gaming experience through sports betting and poker.



 The reason that Rival has earned a reputation as creative and innovative is mostly due to their iSlot. For sure, you will find slot machines by them with great themes and special features but the iSlot stands out in that it combines gaming with entertainment in a unique way. When you play on an iSlot you can interact with the game by choosing which way to go with a story line. By playing you unlock levels that will give you a story through animations. This makes the machine into a combination of game and movie and this has proven to be a hit among players of all ages and backgrounds.  



The graphics that the Rival software provides has received many compliments from both casino operators and players. What players will find is clear cut graphics that makes the gaming experience real when that is needed and crazy when that is called for. The graphics also make sure that navigation is easy as backdrops don’t interfere with the actual games.  


PC and MAC

The majority of online players are playing on PC and for the smaller group of MAC owners it can be very difficult to find a high quality casino to play with. Rival Gaming shows their sincerity by including the MAC players and making their download compatible also to MAC. By this MAC players don’t have to feel excluded to the complete casino package as is often the case with instant online flash versions. This also gives an indication of the level of their technical knowledge and speaks well of the software as a whole.  



Both players and operators are concerned with the level of security for online transactions. Rival Gaming has developed their own security system, RivalPro which ensures that the casino can give their players safety. Rival Gaming doesn’t sit still and their software is constantly updated to meet the new demands of the market. This is very helpful when it comes to safety since this is also an area that needs constant attention to stay up to date.

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Principles For Modern Website Design

Principles for Modern Website design

After reaching a professionally designed website, users are immediately drawn to learn more about the product and services. A clean, well thought out website design can help put you on the right foot with a broad set of users, whether you are looking to generate new customers, build momentum behind an idea or provide a comprehensive source of information.

Before diving into the new layout of your website, always consider user experience as your foremost consideration. Developing sites that appeal to user’s aesthetic and informational tastes can help maximize the chances of success for your brand. A properly structured website can help extend your brand onto the web, improving its image with consumers and helping you to generate effective new prospects, leads and sales from your website.

Incorporating Trends in Web Design

While many designers today opt for a “Web 2.0” feel which includes rounded corners, big icons, bold colors and simplistic names, you can also look at various other trends in the field which fit your brand better. The key to proper web design is to find a look and feel that matches, extends and enhances your brand image in a new direction.

To begin with, always start to design your website with a series of “story board” ideas that focus on user experience, ranging from aesthetic elements to on-site content. Whether you are working with a professional designer or working to learn the craft on your own, it’s important to start off-line with a series of ideas. Once you have encapsulated the look you want in a short paragraph – for example “our design goal is to build a clean, modern, fresh website that showcases our local business offerings” – you can then proceed to the actual design stage.

The most common way to build a modern website today is to start with a layered Photoshop image – this will allow you to revise, update and work on the creative process over time. Since Photoshop images have embedded layers, you can add details, update coloring and adjust navigational elements in real time with ease. A good investment is to purchase a copy of Adobe Photoshop, or you can use an open source program such as Gimp for users just starting out.

When you begin designing you site, it’s important to realize you’ll want to work to “splice” it into functional HTML code. This is another important step to master since you’ll need to learn exactly how to incorporate the right technologies such as Flash, Javascript and Ajax in order to get a clean, user friendly site. While you could use a visual website editor such as Dreamweaver, the code in these programs is not often stable and splicing the design manually is the most effective way to build up a high quality website.

For business owners who want to learn the process but face time constraints, work closely with your designer, requesting source files so you can learn from the finished product. A professionally designed website requires precision in terms of design, coding and implementation but the final product makes it fully worth the while.

Mike is a website designer with over 15 years of experience working for a Chicago Website Design company.

Understanding the Web Design Process

A good way to understand the web-design process is to understand it through a case study. In this article, I will present the case study of Jake, a busy web developer, as he works with a client to create a small web page.

1. Gathering Design Requirements

Jake has a new client, an import and export agent. The agent needs a simple web site to give her brief background and details of the services she provides. After an initial meeting with Dianne, the real estate agent, Jake grabs a pencil and sheet of paper, and he starts creating rough sketches of the home page. He draws a number of different layouts and then picks the three designs that he thinks will work best, given Dianne’s needs. He meets again with Dianne to discuss the three designs. Dianne selects one of the sketches and makes some suggestions. When Jake brings up colors, Dianne decides on a color scheme of green, gold, and white because these colors are similar to the ones on her business card.

2. Photoshop Mock-ups

Later that day, Jake sits down at his computer, fires up Adobe Photoshop, and quickly mocks up the home page using the finished sketch and Dianne’s preferred colors as his guide. He grabs a few royalty-free stock images from a stock photo site and places them on the mock-up. He spends a little time looking at various shades of greens and golds until he gets something he likes. Once he’s done, he exports the document and sends it off to Dianne to get some feedback.

After waiting a week, Jake calls up Dianne to get her opinion on what he’s done so far. She tells him she’ll take a look at it when she gets back from her vacation in a week.

3. Coding Time

Another week goes by, and Jake finally gets a call from Dianne. She says she likes how it looks, and she wants to move forward. Relieved, Jake fires up his trusty text editor and begins the transition from mock-up to web page.

Jake begins by creating a simple HTML document that defines the structure and content for the page. Next, he uses Photoshop to slice up his mock-up so he can extract the banner graphics and other images, which he then inserts into the HTML document. Next, he carefully codes corrresponding CSS to pull the whole thing together. The style sheets transform the linear-page skeleton into a brightly colored, two-column layout.

Jake opens up the new web page in Mozilla Firefox, and everything looks great, just like his mock-up. He then fires up Internet Explorer 6 and winces at the ugly page staring back at him. Fortunately, Jake has seen this kind of thing before, so he quickly throws in a few extra style definitions in an IE-only style sheet. Presto! He’s ready to show Dianne the finished page.

4. Ready to Go

Dianne loves the site, and Jake is ready to start building the rest of the pages for the site. Now that Jake has worked out the colors, the images, and the style sheets, it will be easy to produce the rest of the site. Jake can take pride in the fact that he’s made his new client happy.

5. Ideal Situation

Jake got lucky this time. He got an easy and laid back client. The thing is, clients are usually not so easy to please in the real world. For that, you should be able to demonstrate technical knowledge and have effective communication skills to reply to client’s tough queries and be able to convince them.

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Ebook cover software, why it’s important for your business?

One of the biggest factors that will make or break your info product or E-book creation business is that you need to use powerful E-covers software to create an impression that will get people to buy without hesitation.

People do judge a book by its E-cover and online, itâ??s even more critical because there are a lot of scams going on over the Internet. People are naturally skeptical and they would want to see something tangible. You canâ??t flip open an E-book just as easy as walking into a store and touching and feeling the thickness of the book or reviewing the contents by browsing through the pages.

So that brings us to this important question. We know E-covers are very important. No doubt. But how does one generate their own E-covers? Can this be easily accomplished?

The least favorable method is to do it yourself. Most people canâ??t even draw, and even if they can, it is very, very difficult to edit the E-cover image in 3D. This brings us to the second alternativeâ?¦

People can outsource to a graphics designer. This is usually a very popular option. But there are a couple of hurdles â?? you have to find someone who does it professionally. You canâ??t just grab any guy off the street. And even if you can get your hands on someone that is very good, you will have to pay tons of money. It gets even more daunting when you start outsourcing in bulk!

There is one more option that many people do not consider. You can actually generate your own covers using Ebook cover software. One of the main advantages of Ecover software is that you can save tons of money on outsourcing, and it is very easy to learn.

Most E-book software come equipped with customization options, graphics setting, graphic alignment and practical templates that assist newbies with creating their own E-covers. The best thing about Ecover software is that you do not need to worry about getting it wrong because you can try over and over again.

Most people are worried that their graphics designer do not do revisions and request extra money. But with Ebook Cover Software, this is not a problem at all. While some may shun the learning curve, it is actually a very rewarding experience to create something yourself and marvel at the beauty of what you have created.

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Photography 101: Using Filters

Filters have two different meanings depending on how long you have had photography as a hobby.  Most of us today think as filters as an option with Photoshop.  This is not the case.  Before the invention of computers and things like Photoshop we had small glass discs to create the filtered affect.  There are many options with filters you can blur a picture, sharpen the picture, and even block out the UV rays.  Filters are often used to correct a problem or make a picture look a little different.

Lets talk about filters that blur a photograph.  When you are taking a picture of a waterfall at the bottom where the water rises in a cloud you can add a filter to create the cloud in the picture.  Cameras don’t always see what the eye sees.  In some cases it can have a high resolution to depict the actual water drops rather than the cloud, so adding a filter to your lens can help create the effect your eye sees.

Other filters such as the UV protector guard against the harsh rays.  Along with the UV filter you should have a polarizer.  The polarizer is used in photography when you are taking a shot into direct sunlight or other light.  It will help balance out the photograph so that you don’t get the washed out look.  Other filters can give you the washed out effect if you feel your photography would speak more.  The filters in Photoshop are not as wide as the filters you can actually buy for your camera, but they can have some of the same effects that you are after.

Have you ever wanted to create a star effect when taking pictures of light filtering through the trees?  You can create a star effect with any photograph by using a star effect filter.  This filter allows light to pass through a series of thin lines etched into the filter letting the light streak outward in a star shape.

Some filters actually help you create a depth of field or focal point.  The fog/ mist filter is one of these.  The fog/ mist filter allows for a glow or flare of light in the photograph.  Photography is filled with much skill and equipment.  Having filters to help create the perfect professional photograph will enhance your fun with your hobby.  Lets look at a few more filters.

There are color correcting lenses.  If the sky is too blue for the photograph you can choose a filter that will tamp down the blue to a less bright state.  If you are into underwater photography you might have filters that allow for the underwater colors.  The color spectrum does not have a great range under water.  A lot of things will look red even though they are not.  It is easy to bring about the original color of underwater life when you use special filters for color correction.

The use of filters in photography not only allows you to have special effects in a photograph to create something new and different, but it can help enhance the shot by adding color or dampening the natural effects of light.  Photography has many types of equipment that require skill and knowledge making it a wonderful hobby or profession. If you need a hobby, photography allows you to be creative.

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