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Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey

Raise your hands in the air if you’re crazy like us! Hey! Hey! The music/lyrics belong to Superchick. Photos are from Reuters, AP, Getty, and me. Hey Hey Music & Lyrics by Superchick Some people you can never please You might as well just let them be They mock everything not their own From their imaginary throne But I won’t bow down even if the whole world thinks I’m crazy [CHORUS] So hey hey, this song is for us So put your hands in the air If you’re crazy like us, hey hey Hey hey, that’s freedom you hear Coming right to your ear That’s the sound from our bus, hey hey Why try to be like someone else When you can only be yourself No one can sing the song you do Be true, be legendary you So I won’t sell out even if the whole world thinks I’m crazy [CHORUS] Hey! (4x) Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you? When you can be anything that you want to? Hey! Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you? When you can be anything that you want to? Hey! Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you? When you can be anything that you want to? [CHORUS] Hey! (8x) Lyrics found at Clipart from http

How do you get your clip art on windows powerpoint to move and/or make sounds?

I’m doing an important powerpoint for school and I forgot how to make my clip are move or make sounds I NEED HELP! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Art Troness – WWII American POW 12 of 13

Arthur Troness 1919-2008 In this clip, Art reflects on the use of the atomic bomb. American POW – captured after the Philippines fell to the Japanese, and spent 3 1/2 years in prison camps in the Philippines and Japan. His daughter, Becky Williams, filmed her father as he recounted his experiences. This was done for the benefit of middle school students in St. Clair, Minn. Therefore, he gave a very sanitized, G-rated version of his experiences

clipart birds pigeon lrg

Image taken on 2007-03-06 19:03:50 by Sassy Bella Melange.

[HD] Basics of Using 3D Objects: Photoshop Tutorial

3D is very new to Photoshop only really coming into existence when CS3 was released. In CS3 however the 3D capabilities were pretty limited, but with the release of CS4 3D exploded into Photoshop and now has it’s own set of tools and even it’s own panel. You are now able to even create true 3D objects right from within Photoshop and texture them. In the following tutorial we will learn about creating a base 3D object and creating a few basic textures for that object. We will also take a moment to explore the 3D tools. There is a ton to learn about 3D and not everything is covered in this quick video tutorial. Stay tuned for more tutorials on 3D! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

Champagne Glass Art – An Introduction

Art is the practice of emoting our senses through various media. It is deliberated to inspire feelings and desires, and through it, many artists, using different forms, have enthralled us throughout time with exciting canvasses that shock and exhilarate.

Art of course, comes in so many structures and outlines that one is at a loss where to begin looking.

One such structure is Champagne Glass Art.

There are a number of artists who have rendered this majestic stemware as part of their creative endeavors. Personalized champagne glasses delivered through art, is fast becoming novel gift ideas and unique decorations for the home. Hand-painted glass art, using Champagne glasses is fun, elegant and lasts a lifetime. Many artists use stemware of high quality and heat-cured paint (non-toxic and lead-free) to ensure durability – the color will not fade due to special treatments such as baking.

Anyone can learn how to paint on Champagne glasses as a hobby or to give as gifts.

These are the initial supplies which you need: –

– For beginners, purchase cheap Champagne stemware for practice.- Buy paint specifically created for glass art, ones which can withstand very high heat when the baking process takes place.

– Paint brushes of different sizes to cater to your intended designs.

– Simple clip art drawings that can be fitted easily inside the Champagne glass.

– Clear tape to hold the clip drawings in place.

To begin, select the desired clip art design and carefully, using clear tape, secure inside of glass. The design serves as a guide as you will start painting on the outside. Use the desired brush and begin outlining your masterpiece. After that let your imagination roam free. Use bold colors, or gold specks, anything that can make your design stand out. Remember to wait for one coat to dry thoroughly before beginning on the next.

This is your art, so anything goes; the more outrageous, the better.

Once you have completed this process, do not forget to remove the clip drawing from inside the glass. Heat your Champagne glass according to the instructions on the labels of the paints. This baking process is important, as it locks the paint in place to prevent fading and chipping. Be careful when doing this, use protective gloves and keep children away.

After the heating process is completed, please allocate ample time for your Champagne glasses to cool and the colors to set. This can take overnight, so be patient. Place these glasses spread sparingly on a piece of cloth, and again, keep your young ones away from this area.

Once the Champagne glasses are completely cooled, they are now ready either to be displayed proudly on your mantelpiece or presented as gifts to dear friends and family members.

Most Champagne glass art is considered dishwasher safe, but it is recommended that you hand wash them carefully using mild soap or dish washing liquid. Champagne glass art is easy to do once you understand the basics. Once you get better at it, look through design books or the Internet for more ideas.

One very distinctive suggestion is to paint portraits directly unto the glass. Imagine the looks on the faces of those receiving them. Priceless.

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In Seeking For Standard Sense Of Word “clipart”

Nowadays we can learn fresh words nearly every day, so our task is not to get lost in such a huge amount of them. This article will assist you to learn what the word “clipart” can denote in various life cases.
You have an opportunity to discover such word in Internet, have an opportunity to learn it from your mates or simply discover it in a software such as Microsoft Office. There is a option in Microsoft Office famous as “Microsoft Clipart” with help of which you have an opportunity to dress out you paper, presentation, slide show and other elements you have an opportunity to make with help of Microsoft Office. So, first and foremost, we have a chance to say word “clipart” when we are having a conversation about miscellaneous pictures and images, drawings and photos that we are planning to apply in our columns, presentations, scrapbooks and other things we print or do. In short, it is applied for some decorating matters.

Also we have a chance to tell “clipart” when we are talking about miscellaneous things that are applied to beautify your printed text such as borders, frames, dividers, cartoons, photo objects, backgrounds and other elements without any proportions, shade or shape limitations. So, therefore, you have an opportunity to find out a “clipart” of various size, shade or form.

Many Internet customers present days apply such social systems as Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and others. These networks give them with a chance to obtain their personal Internet page there. So also you have a chance to Add Clipart to your web page design and in this case you can called it “Web Clipart”. You have a chance to denote by word “web clipart” nearly all elements that you apply for designing it. So you have an opportunity to say “web page clipart” talking about your images, photos, borders and backgrounds which were made in Gif or Jpg file type and were set on your Internet page.

Also you can use clipart elements in sending newsletters and in creating various merchant projects. Then you have to know that other formats of clipart as well exist and they are more applicable for this type of working.

Another kind of clipart earns a topic but today we will discover you just a few words about it. It is famous as Animated Clipart and the main distinction of it from a ordinarily clipart is an animated character of an image. You have a chance to discover moving clipart style in pictures, images and even in backgrounds styling. This type of clipart is very famous in Internet page designs.

You can discover a clipart you wish in Internet, where there is a truly variety of them. Your purpose is to come to a conclusion what clipart to select. Also lots of of cliparts you have a chance to find just for free. For that purpose you can use famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others. You just have to set “Free clipart” and press on “Search” key.

Supply clipart to your web page, presentation, project, article, note, newsletter or just a reply to your fellow and be certain it will not be left neglected. Do not trust us? Try to do it yourself!

If you wish to discover the Best Clipart you have ever seen, set in good quality, than you can go to A great variety of Free Clipart is already expecting for you there, visit ? discover a clipart of your desire!

Adobe Photoshop Free Trial – How To Download CS4 For Free

Have you been thinking about downloading Photoshop CS4, the image editing software from Adobe? Maybe you’re a photographer who wants to touch up your prints. Or a graphic designer who wants to add some splash to your portfolio. Whatever your reason, Adobe offers a simple way to try out their software without spending a cent.

For years, Photoshop has been the gold standard in the image editing software department. The new CS4 version contains many significant upgrades from the former CS3. It’s easier to use and more versatile than ever. Photoshop Extended now provides extensive three-dimensional tools for those working in film and graphics.

The full version of Photoshop can retail for as much as $1000. That’s quite a bit of money for students and young professionals just starting out. Fortunately, Adobe offers a free download for a thirty day trial period. To do this you must first create an Adobe account. Registration is required for activation. After that, the software download is fairly effortless. After thirty days you must either purchase the full version of Photoshop or your copy will no longer work correctly.

If your interested in other Adobe products, Adobe offers free trials of complete suites. These include the CS4 Design Premium or CS4 Master Collection. These software bundles contain many top programs, such as Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more. These packages are different in that they are not available for free downloads. You must purchase a low-cost DVD set, usually ten to fifteen dollars, and install the programs manually. After thirty days the same conditions apply. The advantage to this system is that the DVDs can act as backup files after you fully purchase the software.

Aside from the Photoshop free download, there are other options to save you money. Adobe offers steep discounts to educators and students. But be careful, these editions are often hard to upgrade in the future. So if you’re interested in Adobe, but you’re just not sure, check out the free trial. What do you have to lose?

Cyrus Shepard is a Adobe expert who writes about Photoshop CS4. His loves assisting people find free software online.

How do I get adobe flash on my computer?

I just got a new computer and it doesn’t have adobe flash yet but it won’t let me download it because of something about a 64-bit browser? Can anyone please help? Thanks.

I need opinions on what graphic art software to get. I’m looking to color my scanned black and white drawings.

I’m a novice cartoonist and I’m looking for computer software to paint my black and white drawings with. Most paint programs I have looked at seem to cater to photographs. Are there any that would allow me to color my drawings too?