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Cheek Art and Cheek Painting – 5 Sources of Inspiration

Cheek art is one of the best styles of face painting to defeat and also a great way to extend your face painting repertoire. Just about anything can be painted on the cheek from straightforward shapes like hearts or stars to more detailed pictures like team mascots or state flags. However whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro face painter, it is not always straightforward to find new ideas. To get your creative juices flowing, here are my top 5 ways of finding inspiration for cheek art designs:

1. Peruse thru kids’s coloring books and picture books, especially those suitable for preschool kids. These usually contain straightforward line drawings and outlines which can be simply adapted for cheek painting.

2. Search for coloring pages online. There are thousands of internet coloring pages openly available. This is perfect if you’re looking for a specific design. As an example if you want to color puppy dog design, search for’puppy coloring’ and you are certain to get lots of ideas.

3. Clip art websites regularly have simple designs that are simple to conform as cheek art, and again they are searchable if you’re looking for a specific design.

4. Face painting websites often have great photos of cheek art and occasionally video instruction as well, if you’d like step-by-step instructions.

5. Youngsters’s outfitters are great to browse for new ideas. Many clothing ranges for babies and kids have some lovable emblems or embroidered designs which are appealing to youngsters and often quite adaptable for face painting.

For maximum efficacy, let you kids show you their favourite designs and let them tell you about why they find those designs appealing. You can gain some understanding of the mind of a child that will broaden your face painting horizons!

Here’s another guide on Bob The Builder Coloring Pages.


The Art of Remembering for Students With (and Without) Special Needs

What child doesn’t enjoy cutting up paper, peeling off stickers, or stamping? Students of any age and ability level love every opportunity to work with arts and crafts. For this school year, try guiding some of your child’s creative spirit into scrapbooking and paper crafts. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to spend time with your children, share a favorite activity, and reinforce skills learned in school. Scrap Chic Boutique, (, an independently owned scrapbook store located in Decatur, Georgia, was founded by four special education teachers who know the Georgia Performance Standards curriculum and know how to accommodate to meet individual needs. Kids and adults can take classes or get individual assistance on projects.

Typically, we think of scrapbooking as a way to preserve memories and tell stories through the use of photographs. However, with the variety of supplies and tools available in today’s scrapbook market, the possibilities are endless. Below is a list of ideas that will allow your young scholar, with or without special needs, to use imagination and develop their skills at the same time.

1. At any grade and ability level, students must learn vocabulary words whether they are matching pictures, spelling words, or learning definitions. Unique vocabulary cards can be a breeze to make, especially with die cutting tools in shapes of circles, tags, stars, and more. This hand-on approach is so much more fun than the traditional (and rather dull) index cards. Most scrapbook stores, especially independently owned stores, have a selection of die cuts that you can use in the store. Each set of words can be on a different color of cardstock or in a different shape; then, use a D-Ring to clip them together. TEACHER TIP: When they know the word independently, let your budding student add a button or a ribbon to the card to bolster their sense of pride. Add pictures from clip art or cut out of magazines to more difficult words to give your kids a visual representation of what the word means and a context for its use.

2. Kids need notebooks for every subject, and kids with learning disabilities tend to have poor organizational skills. Why not start the year by decorating the front of the notebooks using colorful patterned papers and stickers? It’s not a guarantee, but your child is less likely to lose something that they have invested time in making- and if they do misplace it, a decorated notebook is much easier to find in the lost and found stack! TEACHER TIP: Use a heavy cardstock to make a pocket to glue inside the back cover. Loose sheets of homework or papers that need to be signed can be put in the pocket.

3. Children with mild to moderate cognitive delays often need repetition and picture clues to help them learn new concepts. Cardstock can be cropped down and run through a printer which provides an added texture for kinesthetic learners. Students can trace words printed on the page, then re-write the word in several ways- stickers, stamps, pens, or markers. TEACHER TIP: Put the picture on a separate piece of card stock from the word to create a quick matching game or sequence activity. Let your student stamp the back of the card each time they get it correct.

4. Students with Autism or pervasive developmental disorders may prefer to point rather than verbalize their thoughts. Create an accordion book with photos of choices for activities. It is also a colorful way to display the daily schedule. Arrows can be used to point to the specific activity. TEACHER TIP: Have the student participate in making the display. If they like the texture of the glue, let them have a hand in glueing it to the page. Advanced students who prefer computer graphics can print on their own cardstock or use templates for digital scrapbooks.

5. To address speech and articulation problems, try making a mini-album with cut outs of pictures that go along with the skill being worked on. As the child shares their album with family and friends they will automatically be practicing- and thereby improving- on their learning objectives. A mini-album may consist of 8 pages that are just 4 by 4 squares. TEACHER TIP: Have a stack of pictures already separated into categories such as S sounds, R blends, antonyms, synonyms, etc. The student spends time working on the goal rather than looking for pictures.

6. For children who have quite a few service provides, make a special picture book with a scrapbook page for each teacher and therapist. Each page should include a photograph- even better if it can be a picture of the teacher and student together! TEACHER TIP: Leave space for a journaling block on each page so each person can include a positive message as your child makes progress. At the end of the year, it will be like a personalized progress report.

7. Often students with Attention Deficit Disorders have difficulty with multi-step projects. Ask the teacher if the project can be modified. Rather than completing a project on poster board which may be too big of a space, they might complete several pages in an 12 by 12 album to display their knowledge of the topic. TEACHER TIP: Ask your local scrapbook store about ways to make unique stickers- this way you can take any topic and make stickers from clip art or die cuts.

8. Although scrapbooking is primarily a visual craft, there are many textures that can be incorporated for students with visual impairments. Students may use textured papers, felt flowers, buttons, or raised stickers to create interactive projects. Cardstock and other papers can be embossed, too. TEACHER TIP: For younger students learning to count, use number stickers and buttons to assist with counting. Use pop-dots as an adhesive that will create a raised effect on the pages.

9. Celebrate success all throughout the year. Use an album with at least 10 pages- one for each month of the school year. Together, you and your child can decide what important lesson, event, or accomplishment to highlight on the page. Take pictures of completed projects, good test scores, friendships made, positive notes from the teachers, or school events. TEACHER TIP: Leave a space for your kids to journal; it will be interesting to watch how their handwriting changes from August to May!

The ideas presented can be modified for specific needs or learning outcomes. For specific questions, you can e-mail, see the calendar of events at, or call 404-378-2115. Learning is about remembering- use scrapbooking to engage your child in “The Art of Remembering”- the results will last a lifetime.

Kelly lives with her five-year-old daughter, in metro Atlanta. Ms. Standridge is the co-owner of Scrap Chic Boutique, located at 906 W College Ave in Decatur, GA 30030. She has been a special education teacher for 10 years and holds an EdS in Teacher Leadership. Visit

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4 Ways to Learn New Software

When you purchase new software for your computer, you may get excited and want to use it right away. Before you try to use your software to complete your projects, you should learn as much as you can. Follow these 4 tips below, so you can become an expert in little time.

Read the User’s Guide

The User’s guide comes with the software and shows you basics. Therefore, you want to read this thoroughly to understand how to create a new file, save your work, etc. After you are finished reading it, you want to keep the user’s guide just in case if you need to refer to it in the future.

Play With It

Set aside some time such as an hour a day or a few hours a week to play with your new software. You can play with it by creating a sample file, so it wouldn’t affect any other files, documents, or pictures. For example if you have new graphic software, you want to find out some basics such as making a graphic larger, giving it a different color, adding another picture or drawing, etc. You want to learn as many techniques and shortcuts available with the software.

Buy a Book

If you are not a self learner or want to learn more advance techniques, you can purchase a book to learn even more about your software. You want to look for books with more graphics, screenshots, and companion CDs, so you can easily follow along. These books are very easy to read and have simple step by step instructions. Some software companies like Adobe sell and recommend books for its customers to learn from.

Take Classes Or Online Tutorials

However if you prefer to learn from an expert instead of reading, you can take classes or online tutorials. By far, they are the easiest to learn about new software. Adobe, for example, has online training courses that you can learn at your own pace. Or if you want more structured classes, you can learn from an instructor online or in person through events and seminars. When you become an expert, you can take certification tests if you choose too. Some careers require professionals to be certified in Adobe software

Adobe has software for everyone whether you want to modify pictures, create websites, develop movies, write computer code, etc. Adobe software is very simple to use and other professionals and everyday people rely on their software to complete projects. Before you think about purchasing new Adobe software, you can save money with adobe rebates and adobe coupons and even download a free trial version of free adobe software by visiting the link below

Adobe is a great resource to finding software that is easy to use. There are many professionals and everyday people that rely on Adobe for their projects.

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Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover

A photographer and designer shows the photo retouching process in detail.

Precious Moments Clipart Collections

New Precious Moments Clipart

If you don’t know who they are by name, you certainly know them when you see them. They are the beautiful kid characters with eyes like teardrops, who embody the innocence of infancy. Precious Moments artwork, which portrays those characters in various scenes and scenarios, has grown to become one of the most famous and most loved franchises in the world. Its charming characters, the family-friendly moral and spiritual message, and warm-hearted imagery made Precious Moments a smash worldwide .

Precious Moments started 30 years ago, when it was created by artist Sam Butcher. Initially, Butcher painted the characters for his friends and family members, without ever expecting the adorable pictures would one day be so amazingly famous. He pursued his studies at the school of humanities & Crafts in Berkeley and honed his artistic talents.

Precious Moments’ 1st success came at the convention of the Christian Booksellers organisation in California. Butcher’s art got a superbly enthusiastic reception, and his networking with outlets started wide marketing of his artwork.

Butcher’s gigantic break came when Enesco corporation offered to produce a collection of three dimensional figurines based primarily on his print characters. Initially only twenty-one miniatures were created, but they received a fantastic reception and sold exceedingly well all over the nation first, and then the planet.

Today there are over 1,500 porcelain figurines in the Precious Moments series, in addition to Precious Moments artwork, Precious Moments clipart, books, and more. It actually is an international phenomonenon, getting particularly keen attention in the Catholic world, for example much of South America, due to Butcher’s Christian faith and its clear influence in his art. However, not only Christians love Precious Moments. Families of any faiths can appreciate the moral values and innocence expressed in stunning Precious Moments figurines.

Enjoy the pure innocent beauty of Precious Moments right on your computer screen. Precious Moments Clipart will make your day.

Software, A Cool Way to Design Your Desired Thing

Computer requires some instructions to work and provide the desired result for which it came into existence. When a series of instruction is provided to the computer for performing some specific tasks; it is only possible through some program or software. Software is not basically a data or task which is required by the user but it is set of an order which tells the hardware devices of computer to process data.

The software helps the user to operate the computer and get their desired result in easy and understandable way. Software is variable part of computer which helps to run and draw instructions to invariable part of computer called hardware and make use of it through these supportive software programs.

The software includes the programs which are used to perform their in-heritage motive of creation for the user to the real work from them. The software is available in wide variety according to desire of user and some software is made to make their need for users. The software is developed to fulfill the desired proper use of user according to their needs. Software is developing by software developer at large to provide different facilities to user so they can make use of this piece of equipment which is ultimate to do almost everything.

Taking example of graphic software which helps the people to alter or modify their picture and movies. People can save their pictures and movies on computer and these graphics software are used to draw or alter the pictures.

The “CorelDraw” graphic software is a powerful tool of designing and drawing the pictures, painting and tackling the designing need of user. It can design different models of art or painting and also editing of pictures. The dynamic tools are used to produce poster, broachers, business cards, and newsletter which are accessible in nifty interface.

The colors in this software are exclusive for users in various quantities and operator can make a color of his choice by blending up to his desired level. The multiple on screen color pallets provide accuracy in choosing colors quickly and with more flexibility than ever. The formats can be published in PDF file format to show an extra look to the project. You can control your images and fix the level of quality and you can change it according to your desire. The text can be placed on images so; you can write whatever you want on your desired images to make the maximum use of this application software. You can print your desired images in better quality in easy and convenient way which was never imagining before.

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