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Barracudas and Dandelions: Clipart and Small Business Finance

Business is like a barracuda—swift and silvery, sliding through the water and cutting past its prey. Business is also like a dandelion, quick to take root and swift to blow away; unless that dandelion grants a wish, it may vanish on the wind. But whether animal or vegetable, in the water or on the land, can business be—free? As in, can a business provide something for free? Well, free clipart is part of a broad history of online distribution services aimed to increase the public domain and enable the small businessperson. Even in our metaphors—barracudas, water, prey, dandelions, and wind—we have hit on just a small sampling of online clipart.

Free clipart isn’t just a business, though; free clipart is a gift to businesses, especially small businesses. Letterhead, checks, logos, signs, and websites all benefit from free clip art. Whereas extensive design work once had to go into even the most mediocre of media, free clipart has helped build up the reservoir of design opportunities, affording entrepreneurs yet another way to take hold of some stopgap measures. While you wait to grow into bigger advertising projects, clip art makes your fliers exactly what you need.

Quality is crucial, of course. Using just any free graphics to fill your clipart needs won’t always turn out for the best. When appropriate and successful finance is your aim, you can’t afford to load up with shady half-baked measures. Barracudas slide right on by and dandelions blow away unwished-on. For free clipart to be effective clipart, you need to be willing to take the time to go hunting. Most large clip art libraries are able to fit most bills when it comes to small business; however, free clipart does not come only in big chunks. Small free clipart libraries often carry unique images that can be taken and used as is or incorporated into something more to help facilitate effective finance in your small business. Of course, with all of this, you cannot discount the effect that paid clip art can have on your business. Sometimes you have to pay money to make money.

Ultimately, here is the way to think of how clipart affects you. The barracuda might be your venture—but let’s say the barracuda is the clipart. It cuts through the marketing fluff and weaves its way into the hearts of your advertising audience. The dandelion is your small business finance. If you aren’t careful with it—if you don’t want it enough—it blows away, never to be seen again. Free clipart fixes that. Think outside the box. Think creatively. Think free—and think freely; then, you will have the mindset you need to make something happen with your small business. Finance may not be free. It may be frustrating. But making your name can be made easier. Just look for the swift silvery flash, make a wish, and make it work.

Here the author Peter Hilton writes on Clipart and Small Business Finance with the example of Barracudas and Dandelions. Business is like a barracuda?swift and silvery, sliding through the water. The barracuda might be your venture?but let?s say the barracuda is the Free Clipart. For more information about Free Graphics, Clipart or Free Clipart visit

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Ready-to-Use North American Indian Motifs: 391 Different Permission-Free Designs Printed One Side

  • ISBN13: 9780486292625
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
Rich selection of authentic Indian motifs adapted from art and artifacts of Indians of the Southwest, the Plains and the Northwest, as well as Maya and Aztecs. Easily reproducible designs add Native American flair to posters, newsletters, brochures, many other projects. 9262-2 92622

Ready-to-Use North American Indian Motifs: 391 Different Permission-Free Designs Printed One Side

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Tracing clipart with Corel Draw

Common’s Make My Day Music Video: Clip Art: Embedded

Current teamed up with Common to give you the opportunity to direct your own music video with his track ‘Make My Day’ between September 14th and 28th, 2009. From the many amazing videos, Common hand-picked his favorite, ‘Common’s Make My Day Music Video: Clip Art’, by Josh Milowe, Elizabeth Casal and Mike Potter, collectively known as Wealthy Pictures. Watch more at and check out Current Music Presents: Embedded with Common at

Adobe Photoshop Editing Digital Images Made Simple

Adobe Photoshop is considered to be one of the best and the most popular photo editing software programs available in the market today. If you are a professional or an amateur photographer, you will definitely want to get the latest version of this software.


Well, first of all, Adobe Photoshop provides all the tools you need to enhance, edit, and alter photographs. The creative capabilities that this software gives to its user are virtually unlimited and you will have a lot of fun using the tools that Adobe Photoshop provides.

In addition to that, even if you took bad pictures, you will be able to make it look professional with Adobe Photoshop. So, what are the aesthetic corrective tools that you can use in Adobe Photoshop for your photography hobby?

The first and the most common problem that most photographers have is the red eye phenomenon. This particular phenomenon happens because of the wide open pupil of the subject reflecting light back to the lenses of the camera. Although some digital cameras have flash settings to eliminate the occurrences of the red eye phenomenon, it will still happen even if you are using the latest professional grade SLR digital camera. Adobe Photoshop has red eye tool that will be able to identify red eye in a photograph and completely eliminate its appearance.

Adobe Photoshop will be able to remove all red eyes even those of your pet dog or cat.

Adobe Photoshop will also be able to let you create clearer and brighter photos. You need to remember that Adobe Photoshop is a software program meant for cleaning up an image. If you took a picture in a bad lighting condition, you will be able to improve its appearance with Adobe Photoshop. With Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to increase or decrease contrast, brightness, huge, and even color intensity. Even if the photo you are working on was taken on a dark environment, you will be able to make it look as if it was taken on the best possible light condition.

It is also possible to remove objects in a particular photograph. For example, if your vacation group pictures were ruined by a complete stranger in the background, you can have them removed. You can use the clone tool to preserve the texture of the image and also on the area where you removed the object. For close up headshots or portraits, you can edit imperfections on the face.

For sure, you will hear complaints about their own close up pictures. Some will say that they look so old with the wrinkles on their face; some will say that they look too pale; some will even say that they look too fat or thin in the picture, and you will even hear some people complain about their acne marks and pimples. You can edit all these things according to the preferences of the people complaining about their own picture.

With Adobe Photoshop, you can make the face look fuller or thinner, remove wrinkles to make the subject look younger, get rid of unwanted acne marks and pimples, make pale faces look healthier, and it can even make the lips fuller or redder as well as give you the possibility to shave off the eyebrows.

These are just some of the fun things that you can do with Adobe Photoshop. As you can see, there are quite a lot of possibilities that you can do with Adobe Photoshop when it comes to image editing. So, as a photographer, you will definitely need Adobe Photoshop. With the tools provided, you will be able to make your work look clean and professional.

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Clipart&more 3.5 Million Clipart Fonts Photos & More

  • System Requirements –
  • Windows 2000 (SP4)/XP/Vista
  • Pentium IV Processor
  • 300 MB of free hard disk space, 64 MB of swap space
  • 512MB RAM

Product Description

Clipart&more 3.5 Million Clipart Fonts Photos & More

Photoshop Beginners Video Tutorials

When it comes to graphic programs or image modification programs, Photoshop from Adobe is among the more popular software programs available today. There are several reasons for its immense popularity. For example, Photoshop is perfect for use on many different operating systems, such as UNIX, Windows, and Mac. Another example is that there are more Photoshop beginners video tutorials and resources about advanced Photoshop tricks available than any other graphic software program on the market.

What Can You Expect To Find In Photoshop Beginners Tutorials?

If you are really new to Photoshop and its interface, it is usually a good idea to look for helpful tutorials and hints to help you get started. At first glance, Photoshop may seem to be extremely complicated and difficult to learn. However, the reality is that once you learn where everything is and what each tool is designed for, you will have no troubles using the software and performing the actions you would like to with your photos and images.

In Photoshop beginners’ video tutorials, you can expect to learn basic actions such as digitally making over your photos. This gives you the ability to fix imperfections and flaws in your pictures. You may also learn about the many different tools, such as tinting, painting, changing backgrounds, as well as more basic steps.

Basic steps you might learn with beginner video tutorials include setting up preferences, working with tool and layer palettes, creating selections, using different shapes for selections, choosing colors, using tools such as gradient or paint bucket, and adding text to your images. These are of course basic steps and knowing these steps are essential to making the most out of your time using Photoshop.

Of course, there are different levels of video tutorials as well. As you progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels there will be different skills to learn and you get further into various techniques that can be learned.

With advanced Photoshop tricks you can learn techniques such as creating photo montages, which allows you to take an existing photo and turn it into something completely different and creative. You may also learn advanced Photoshop tricks such as creating digital illustrations, which allow you to create images on your own, without the use of other images. You might also learn how to color digital comics in that bright and bold coloring comics typically use. There are so many new and exciting things that you can do with Photoshop there is no one specific tutorial that can teach you everything.

Each tool has something unique about it. In many cases, one tool can be used to do perform many different techniques or tricks. The goal in your Photoshop experience is to make sure that you make it your own. Learn what techniques and skills that a tutorial can teach you, but do not be afraid to explore and see what else you can do with the program.

You are only limited to your imagination with Photoshop, which is why it has become one of the top graphic and image software available on the market today.

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