2 HOURS ? Award Winning Zombie Short Film

A nameless survivor is bitten and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world. With only 2 HOURS to find the missing survivors, he must move quick…

Warrant is a short film which won the best short film award in 7th Annual Vijay Awards..

34 Responses to “2 HOURS ? Award Winning Zombie Short Film”

  1. 2HOURSthemovie says:

    I want to extend my deepest gratitude to any person who has taken the time
    out of their busy lives to watch our film. We made this film because we
    were inspired to create something. I hope that any person who feels the
    inclination to create something of their own heed to the muse and share
    their voice.?

  2. Germán Carrizo says:

    Wowww, that was incredible!!!!?

  3. Yaser Doud says:

    this is amazing and how many people made this??

  4. Weretooth says:

    Film is good but voiceover was cheesy?

  5. Nate diMaggio says:

    EPIC film scary as fook !!?

  6. MAXILLARY says:

    seeing this i thought i’d be watching another typical zombie movie, but i
    absolutely loved the unique perspective you took on it, this was a
    beautiful work of art. also love the juxtaposition on the “i must go”
    (first time it’s to defend himself from the infected, and the second time
    it was to chase after the survivors as an infected)?

  7. Malachi Sharkawi says:

    Amazing!!! definitely different from any other zombie movie I’ve seen

  8. Holden Goldberg says:

    amazing and beautiful at the same time bravo!?

  9. George Hill says:

    NOTE TO FILMAKER: Glocks never make Clicking Noise like empty double
    action revolvers. Small detail that irritates most guys who know guns. ?

  10. Shortfilm Lines says:

    Wow… I don’t have words I love this shortfilm :O

  11. BjornSvenson says:

    This was great. Great story, great cinematography, great editing, great
    music etc. But honestly I think you should go back and rerecord the
    voiceover. I was trying to pay attention and take this film seriously but
    the voice was so distracting. Also 26 minutes is a bit long for a short
    film but it the quality made it worth it. Good job! (except the voiceover)?

  12. Kimi N says:

    I’m sorry but how is this even remotely an award winning film? It’s way
    longer than it should or need to be and the acting, well the acting is
    just… horrible, to be honest. It’s a nice idea and a different
    perspective though.?

  13. SIR JAC says:

    Thank you very much … I throroughly enjoyed it!?

  14. Roberto Ramirez Jr. says:

    …Great film…?

  15. Kelly Presti says:

    I enjoyed this. I really appreciate that there are still people looking to
    use intelligence to find different ways to produce this type of material.
    A completely new way to look at the “infection” and the beginning of a
    great story-line. Bravo Zulu.?

  16. abraham vega says:

    Boring seen better this short film was awful?

  17. MrNothing2dohere says:

    that ending got me by the balls so cool?

  18. Kenny B says:

    hi am in Nairobi….Love every minute of it especially the ending?

  19. Carolyn W. says:

    *Very* well done! Amazing cinematography, gorgeous score, beautiful set
    design (and/or scouting, lol), fantastic makeup, great fx, good acting, and
    an interesting and unique take on the genre. All accolades are well
    deserved. A+!?

  20. kavin kumar says:

    did this movie really win award if so please drop it in a well?

  21. Suresh Muruganandham says:

    heart melted ,really loved to watch it again again?

  22. Anand M. says:

    dupping for vj sethupathi?

  23. Pathmakumar Pathmanathan says:

    vijay sethupathi’s voice also there (Y)?

  24. saranya regu says:

    osm team work……….. ?

  25. Dillibabu Jagannathan says:

    The Friend Karthick’s acting is awesome… His emotion is ultimate in final
    call with the Hero…?

  26. Suresh Muruganandham says:

    Its easy to understand starting & end of film ,If watched a film with
    involvement …nice film?

  27. Hijas ul haque says:


  28. Prabu Madhesan says:

    voice is dubbed by vijay sethupathi..?

  29. Thanikai MC says:

    Vijaysethupathi dubbing correct ah boss???

  30. Suresh Palaniyandi says:
  31. Manoj Babu says:

    he deserve this award…….awesome script well potraited?

  32. Rosealinda1602 says:

    what happened next?

  33. karthik lingam says:

    We can’t say its incomplete. Only upto this a director can do a short film.
    If we want more detailing in a film. Then we hav to see a full lenth movie.
    Its very difficult to evaluate such a script in short. Just think about it

  34. vadivel says:

    dont know how this movie won! the story is incomplete, y those 2 persons
    were arrested? but how could he kill someone? feels like a film starting
    from middle.. weren’t there any other gud short films than this?

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