??(four ladies 4L) – Move(??) Music Video ???(Full Version)

????? ??? ?? 8? 4? ?? ????? ?? “Move” Full Version ?????? ??? ?? ?????. ?????. Official Facebook : https://www.f…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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36 Responses to “??(four ladies 4L) – Move(??) Music Video ???(Full Version)”

  1. DelenaJemiFan says:

    To be honest, this wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. Based off the
    teasers, I was expecting it to be a lot less tame. The only real “explicit”
    dance moves are when they’re on the floor at the :31 mark up to :39. And
    maybe some of the solo shots; even then they’re not as bad, I mean come on,
    “oppa” has done the same thing and barely anyone gives them grief about it.
    And it is rated 19+ for a reason, don’t say they didn’t warn you.

    At around the 2:53 mark up to about 3:01 I was reminded of Girl’s Day
    ‘Something’. These ladies are definitely going to have to change their
    choreography to perform on any music show; Girl’s Day had to change some of
    their choreography due to censorship, which was really ridiculous because
    it wasn’t even bad.

    The rap was really weak in my opinion; it seemed out of place and the voice
    of the girl who did it, her voice didn’t match the vibe of the song for
    that moment. I really enjoyed the hook and the chorus; it’s a nice listen.
    I really do wish I had the lyrics to see if they matched the video scenes.
    I liked the idea of the same-sex couple, especially for it to be with women
    because it’s not something normally shown. I do think it was for the shock
    factor, but I guess we’ll really see once the lyrics are translated for us
    who can’t understand Korean.

    I think it seems way more sexualized than it really is due to their
    outfits, or rather lack of outfits. The lack of covering skyrocketed the
    sexualized aspect more than it should have been. The dance at the chorus
    isn’t that bad and I bet if they danced it while being more covered up,
    many people wouldn’t give them as much grief about it.

    The double standard is so real and it’s really sad to see that many people
    can’t give the whole “sexy concept with females” a chance; they
    automatically down vote the video and bash it to no end. If you watch it
    and it’s not your cup of tea, then simply click out of the video. I can’t
    wait to see if these ladies can bring the same vibe on a music show and
    also if their vocals are up to par live.?

  2. dntgtyerknkrsnatwst says:

    Holy crap, can we please stop the ridiculous amount of slut shaming?
    Ladies, calling other women whores and sluts for wearing revealing clothing
    and dancing provocatively is not “empowering women”, it’s saying that women
    can’t make their own choices to wear and do what they want- it’s enslaving.
    I get it, for a new group, this is one of the more daring music videos, but
    I hear very little negativity about the plethora of sexually oriented
    videos put out by male kpop groups (not that there’s anything wrong with
    those either, just sayin). Yes, sexualizing women is annoying and an
    unfortunate marketing tool which is used in the kpop industry, but these
    women are all legal adults- completely able to make their own choices, and
    who are you, who am I to judge them for that? Why call them names
    associated with the illegal exchange of sex for money? Why bring down your
    fellow female? Lift each other up, don’t knock each other down. That glass
    ceiling is never going to break if even women reinforce the double-standard
    society has used as a barrier between male and female rights. It’s hard to
    see through a different lens after you’ve already made your decision about
    this group, but try. There is good and evil in this world, but I most
    certainly wouldn’t call a few girls touching themselves evil, or even
    bad… It’s just that: a few girls touching themselves. But whatever, call
    me a feminist asshole, my opinion of how absolutely amazing women are won’t

  3. ??? says:

    I see that you guys are arguing about whether this is too much or not or
    whether boy groups do the same. Being a Korean I guess I can answer you

    Okay first of all this kind of groups are called ’19? ?? (19guem concept)’
    in Korea. It means ‘viewers over 19 years old concept’. Yes they are
    intentionally marketing sex. For some that claims that this is not
    different from other groups or boy groups you’re partially right but also
    wrong. Selling sex is not a K-POP thing and it’s all over the world. It’s
    perfectly normal. But in this case the MV’s concept shouts out sex and it’s
    not a common thing in Korea. There are only few groups like this in Korea
    for example there is ‘Rania’. I think this groups concept is similar to
    theirs. So yes, (for Koreans) this is too much compared to others.

    Second, about the boy groups do the same part. For the first time in Korean
    Broadcasting history the boy group U-kiss’s ‘?????’ was banned on
    television broadcasting stations. This is first time for the boy
    groups(only boy groups) MV to be banned on television. I understand that
    the boy group also sells sex but I think there is a different mechanism
    between boys and girls. And most importantly there are no boy group that
    has a concept of ’19guem(viewers over 19 only’). So no, they don’t do the
    exact same thing.?

  4. Alexa A says:

    Tell me how this video is at all trashy or crude? How is their choreography
    any different than any other sexy concepts done by girl groups? Is it
    because of their outfits? Or maybe because theres girl on girl love? Y’all
    are so quick to bash new groups, its disgusting. These girls have done
    nothing wrong. STOP calling them sluts/whores/etc. Wearing revealing
    clothes and dancing sexily is not equivalent to being a slut/whore. Don’t
    just throw those words around without knowing what they mean. Also, Ive
    seen numerous comments saying “they’re too skinny, I don’t find that sexy
    at all.” Fuck.You. The video wasn’t made to please you. Get the fuck over
    yourselves, you can’t bash someone because of their body type. Girl groups
    get enough hate as it is, but hating on a brand new group who has done
    NOTHING so far but release a different music video than you’re used to
    seeing? Pathetic. I don’t see anything vulgar about this video. I
    literally cannot fathom how someone could compare this to porn??? They have
    shorts under their leotards, and tights OVER both, for christ sake. The
    dance was sexy, and not much different from what i’ve seen from other girl
    group sexy concepts. Take 2:57, for example, and compare it to SPICAS You
    Don’t Love Me. No one bashed them for that dance move, so why bash these
    ladies? Or maybe its “”””pornographic”””””” because there were hints of
    lesbian love? It wasn’t even anything too crude, they weren’t even kissing!
    They were grabbing at each other, big deal! If it were a straight couple
    (Hyuna and Hyunseung Troublemaker MV), or say, a gay couple, would you
    still find it offensive? Probably not. The kpop fandom loves to “ship”
    boyxboy couples, but do we ever see girlxgirl ships? Do we see multiple
    fanfics being written about lesbians in kpop? If it were oppa dancing with
    his shirt off and hip thrusting, that’d be okay. And its happened before!
    (B.A.P, BTOB, MBLAQ, UKISS, etc etc etc.) And how about the countless live
    performances where members of boy groups randomly hipthrusted on stage and
    melted millions of fangirls hearts? Right… Its always the girl groups who
    get shat on. Because when oppas do it its sexy, but when girl groups do it
    its crude or vulgar or trashy or pornographic or /whatever/. I say cheers
    to 4 ladies for doing something so different than what we’re used to seeing
    in kpop! Its tiring and boring seeing the same concepts over and over. I
    think they all look sexy, and I admit the choreography could have been a
    bit more advanced, as it seems a bit thrown together. BUT, I think the
    vocals are amazing, and the song was catchy and fun. Personally, I loved it
    and can’t wait to see what else they come up with (IF they ever have a
    comeback, thanks to all of this unnecessary hate). I just wish people would
    focus less on the MV and more on these obviously talented ladies! Stop with
    the girl group hate!! ?

  5. Yule Saku says:

    ¿Por qué tanto odio y favores a estas chicas? Digo, a ellas no le importa
    si hay muchos “no me gusta” en sus vídeos o que hay gente que las
    defienden, ellas hacen ese baile (si se puede llamar baile) para llamar la
    atención, y los están logrando, ahora todas las CAPOPERS se están
    concentrando en ellas, que no ven que con solo tres días que han subido el
    video ya tiene 1000.000.000 de visitas. La empresa logró lo que querían, de
    un grupo del que nadie había escuchado (perdonen si no sabía que recién han
    debutado) ya consiguieron que su video fuera trendic topic. Los en “favores
    y contra” solo aumentan la popularidad de estas chicas, que para mi son
    desesperadas al hacer este tipo de cosas. Como Stellar con su video
    Marionette, ya sé que este baile no le llega ni a los talones, pero así
    mismo, su video tiene muchas visitas pero ya nadie e acuerda de ellas. Así
    que lo de en contra: No vean el video y no peleen con mocosas que no
    entenderán, y a favores: ya quedense callados que a ellas no les importa si
    las defienden o no, solo les importa ganar dinero con su “baile”.?

  6. Chantal Parfum says:

    Ajajajaja, puras mujeres doble moral “Si, las mujeres tiene derecho a hacer
    esto”, “Todas las facetas de la mujer son hermosas”, “tienen muy buen
    cuerpo, estan en su derecho de hacerlo”, pero si fuera la misma coreografia
    realizada por unas gordas de 90 kilos en una party hard (? ya me imagino
    las caras y los comentarios denigrantes que harian. Y ya dejen sus
    tonterias de “Si fueran tus oppas no dirias nada”, por favor, ese argumento
    ya esta muy gastado. Se supone que de esta manera se estan dando a respetar
    ellas? Tengo que alabarlas o algo asi? Si de verdad quisieran romper tabues
    con este video la letra de la canción no seria tan simplona. No me da asco,
    ni me parece desagradable. simplemente “X”, porque aun asi seguiran siendo

  7. sara gabriela zabala arenas says:

    no fue todo como creiamos los teaser provocaron mucho escandalo pero el MV
    lo calmo todo aun haci no las critique haci mucho pero la verdad la cancion
    esta chevre pues aun que paresen mucho como stellar esta smuy buena la
    cancion lo q da algo de lastima es q la coreografia no la dejen mostrar en
    los programas de muscia en corea ya sabemos como son los coreanos con esos
    temas pues que bailen tango jaja no pues si esta muy chevre me gusto hah
    esta super el video llama la atencion no feu un escandalo ahs como creian
    todos esta buena la cancion bueno es consepta esta dura la semana de debut
    4L y red velvet mmm?

  8. Four Ladies says:

    Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/official4Ladies?
    Official FanCafe : http://cafe.daum.net/official4Ladies?
    Homepage : http://www.jcment.co.kr?

  9. gosthunting says:

    ? ???? ??? ????? ?? ? ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ?

  10. KingZodi16 says:

    If you dont like it. Move on. Simple
    Save the bashing cuz no one wants to hear it.?

  11. Karl Hyun says:

    I love the sexy concept in the kpop but when the song is good the video
    doesn’t have to be “too sexual or more like porn” to get more popularity or
    being a success.. :/
    The talent is the most important thing.?

  12. theRecap_ says:

    ching chong ching chong ching!!?

  13. Diana Sam says:

    A lot of y’all are saying “boy groups do the same.” Like please link me to
    the video equivalent to this. Seriously, if a boy group did anything
    somewhat or even a little similar to this I would like to see that. My
    point is that their isn’t. If it were a boy group I would have the same
    negative reaction.?

  14. Kkhaliy D says:

    R.I.P Kpop….?

  15. Crestial Wintersmith says:

    I have a dirty mind.?

  16. jinx5005 says:

    HOT HOT HOT; If I wasn’t into dudes I would fuck the hell out of them right
    now. Open that vag wide whilst I insert and make them squeal and squirt.

    Where can I buy the song??

  17. boris alejandro badillo quiroz says:

    Why they havent perfomed the song live? ?

  18. LuckyMusiqLive says:

    love this song. lyrics speak to me. such talent. im getting popular fast
    because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet
    so its quiet…?

  19. JoeyRoca24 says:

    Summer is such an upbeat song with a catchy tune! Calvin Harris is an
    incredible and creative artist! I love this video and his song Summer
    inspires me. I just wanted to say that I’d be more than honored for
    everyone to take a quick minute and check out my music. Thank you all so
    much and give a thumbs up for Summer?

  20. FLASHING9 says:

    1:01 thoes fucking ass cheeks!!! AHHH!! O,…,O?

  21. Lord of the rings songs says:

    I love this sing because I went to a fair this summer and it reminds me of
    a really cool ride I went because it played this sing in the background?

  22. Shining Polaris says:

    Is this the trailer to the new Fast and Furious movie??

  23. ltrinerPl4ys says:

    os brasileiros tbm curte calvin harris :3?

  24. minersVSmobs says:

    somehow i got the feeling that calvin Harris is singing :/?

  25. tirokroketass says:

    dislike… 143 milion views? i dont think so… fake views as always…?

  26. Nathan L. says:

    She’s not attractive -_-?

  27. Lukas Freitas says:


  28. VenomFangs136 says:

    This speaks to me on a spiritual level lol?

  29. Borat Sagdiyev says:

    is this song darude-sandstorm?

  30. Elsa S says:

    To my heartbeat sound?

  31. Azania Maxton-Gethers says:

    Sexist vid?

  32. mateo ruiz bellott says:

    here in latin america is winter, so we have to wait to november?

  33. Anthony Vizcaino says:

    My fave song ?

  34. Monstafluff Music says:

    love the song & the summer <3?

  35. Vevo says:

    Hot women, drag racing, big beats. What’s not to like? Watch the
    #VevoPremiere of +Calvin Harris’ #SUMMER now!?


    When l met you the summeeeeeeeer….?

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