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KABAR SELEBRITI —7 Icons akhirnya menumukan pengganti Vanilla, pengganti Vanilla didapatkan dari audisi ‘7 Icons looking For A New Icons’.

7 Responses to “? DIY: PALE/FADED ICONS ?”

  1. Elizabeth Barber says:

    What did you say you would type in to find the icons??

  2. SplashTutorials says:

    ur subscribers is increase so fast so happy for you, hope u reach 1k subs
    c: btw nice video (:?

  3. Sophia Gregorio says:

    magaling magaling haha?

  4. Karen Anderson says:

    can you tell me what theme you used in the video? :)?

  5. Perfectpoutxo says:

    Nice videos x?

  6. Kholoud Alsayed says:

    can you please do the same diy printable phone case but using pixlr

  7. SquishyTutorialsx says:

    🙂 enjoyyy!! ?

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